Monday, October 02, 2006

Aquarium Update: Heavy Trimming

Alright, well I've been busy this weekend and did a few major trims. First, the 29 gallon:

Before (August 06)

After (October 06)

I decided to do a major trim of the Christmas moss and took out a mass as big as my head (now for auction on Aquabid). The previous "Christmas Tree" look was pretty but the moss was collecting a lot of dirt and debris and the moss on the top closest to the light was attracting algae. It was also starting to choke out everything underneath it (note the scraggly Rotala right in front of the driftwood!). It also wasn't even attached to the wood anymore. I just grabbed it and it came right off. I left a few handfuls in the tank but tucked it behind the driftwood where I hope it will attach more. I'm also trying my hand at Java Fern again. Supposedly a plant that anyone can grow, mine just seems to fester and rot, although it is one tough plant. All of mine was enveloped by the moss and surprisingly survived on little or no light! I've placed what remains of it on the driftwood hoping it will grow back bushy and green. The "Before" picture is also before my green water outbreak, so that's why there is so little change in 2 months. The tank is just now recovering. At least the fish seem to like the open area a little better!

For the 10 gallon I trimmed it way back as well:

Before (September 06)

After (October 06)

Since the Ram's spawn was eaten I figured I'd better spruce up the tank now that I don't have to worry about disturbing them. I gave the Hemianthus micranthemoides a bit of a flat top on the right, but I'm trying to get it to make a compact bush. The needle leaf Ludwigia in the center is growing well, as is the needle leaf Java Fern (unlike the Java Ferns in my 29 gallon!) I also added a planting of Micranthemum umbrosum on the far right to add some color to that side. The moss wall was trimmed back as well. The Glosso in the front is not doing well and I have no idea why. It used to be a thick carpet, but it slowly died off and is now reaching for the light. I'm thinking about replacing it with something else, maybe Hemianthus callitrichoides or dwarf hair grass.

As for the 20 gallon long, I'm wrestling with a bit of the notorious BGA (blue green algae) so it's not all that pretty right now. Plus I haven't scraped the algae off the glass in's still balancing out (it was started about 3 months ago). I'll post pictures once it's decent!

That's it for this update, leave me some comments on the tanks!

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  1. I love your planted tanks. Just beautiful and very inspiring.



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