Friday, February 09, 2007

New Domain Name

As you may have already noticed, Aquatic Eden is now it's own domain! The address of the blog is now Don't worry, all bookmarks and links to the old address will still work, they'll simply be forwarded here. It'll just make it a little bit easier to remember the URL.


  1. Please forgive me for this off-topic question...I wonder if you could tell me or direct me to a blog/site with an answer. I have a Tythti Danio that won't eat and is staying underneath a plant at the bottom of the tank. This just started; it was a very active swimmer. Any ideas?

    Thanks very much.

  2. Hmm...never heard of a Tythti Danio, but have you noticed any marks, spots, or "fuzz" on it? My guess is either sickness or it's being bullied by another fish in the tank. What are the other fish in the tank? Watch it closely for a while and see if anything is chasing it, or examine it for fin damage.

    If it's an unusual fish, chances are it was caught wild as well. That means it could have a parasite, and with the added stress of being moved into a new tank, the parasite could be killing it.

    If you notice no bullying, I'd move it to a quarantine tank and if there are no signs of external disease or disease related behavior (scratching against objects, clamping fins) I'd medicate it with an anti-parasite. Jungle Labs sells a great anti-parasite tab.

  3. Andrew:

    Thanks for the response. This is actually the biggest fish in the tank, and I believe this might be one of the newly discovered types of Danios. It has spots on it that end in lines on it's tail. The "Tythti Danio" name is what Aquarium Adventure referred to it as. Here is a picture of a fish that most closely resembles it (the second picture on the bottom of the page). And it was the fish that would do the bullying. As far as that goes, it may have messed with the Panda Corydora and gotten barbed, but it swims around enough for me to know it seems OK physically.

    In addition to that fish, there are 5 others. The aforementioned Panda Corydora, a Gold Honey Gourami, a smaller Red Danio, a White Mountain Minnow, and an Extra Fancy Guppy. The variety is due to the fish we let our kids (ages 5 and 3) pick out, after we ensured the fish would be compatible.

    It doesn't have any exterior marks that I can see, and it doesn't have fungus on it.

    After doing some research for the last couple of hours, I'm going to be getting some spring water and will be changing 25% of the water to see if that helps. If the fish doesn't perk up in 12-24 hours, then I will definitely consider getting the fish into a quarantine tank and treating it for a parasite.

    Also, I'm wondering if the tank is too cold for it. Our house is at 68 degrees, so I'm wondering if I should look for a tank heater. I'm currently leaving the light of the aquarium on (Just a 5 gallon). I could actually just turn up the heat in the house to 70 and see if that will help before purchasing a heater.

    Let me know what you think.

  4. OK, here is the actual link to the picture. Sorry.

  5. 68 degrees is a bit cold for most fish. And instead of raising the house temperature to 70, just buy a heater. It'd probably cost at least $15 in fuel to warm the house up 2 degrees anyway. For that amount you can buy a decent heater online. Most fish prefer water between 74 and 78. The cold temperatures may be stressing the fish out, which could in turn lead to disease. I'd say get a heater, warm up the tank to a steady 75-77 and see what happens. A word of caution though, bring it up slowly, a few degrees a day. Sudden temperature changes will stress the fish even more.

  6. On the heater, my sentiments exactly.'re not going to believe this. That Danio became aware of people outside of the tank, so when he sees someone come near, he ducks under the plant. We had the aquarium light on last night with no other lights, so he couldn't see outside the tank. He was swimming around just fine. As soon as we intentionally made ourselves visible, he hid.

    The new name for that fish is C.S.--that's right, Chicken-S--t.


    I'll do some research for a new heater. Thanks again for your advice.


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