Thursday, May 31, 2007

ADA Nature Aquarium Gallery in Japan

Here's a link I stumbled across and saved to a photo gallery of the ADA Nature Aquarium Gallery in Japan. This is where all of Amano's greatest works and works in progress are on display, as well as acting as a showroom for his ADA aquarium equipment.

There are some extremely beautiful aquariums, but just the sweeping pictures of all the aquariums in one room is pretty enough. There are even a few salt water aquariums as well. If you are ever in Japan, give this gallery a visit, I hear it is worth the trip! For more information on ADA and the gallery, head over to ADA Japan.

Yikes! Look how full that one is!


  1. *** DROOOOL ***

  2. I know where that pics are from :P

  3. These are so great. Everything he does is so crisp and clean looking. I can imagine Amano's staff working 24/7 at cleaning those aquariums until they sparkle.

    Are there just the 2 pics available?

  4. your link is wrong ! please check this link

  5. Sorry guys, fixed the link so it works now!

  6. This link no longer works! is there anything you can do?

  7. My srimps macrobrachium yellow.


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