Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Planted Amano Aquarium: From Start to Finish

I stumbled upon this really useful article today that details the development of one of Takashi Amano's planted aquariums from start to finish with pictures. It's called "A Path to the Finished Aquarium." Although it doesn't start from the very beginning (including the setup of the tank), it shows how to trim stem plants to encourage bushy growth and how an aquascape grows and matures over the course of two months. Also helpful, it includes all information about the aquarium, including lighting type, strength, and duration and fertilization strategies. Here are the first few entries.

31st, 2005 (7th day)

A week from planting. Although half of the tank water was changed daily, the water still looked somewhat cloudy. The growth of stem plants was still sparse.

8th, 2005 (15th day)

15 days has passed since planting. The water has become clear. Glossostigma and Echinodorus tenellus have developed runners and Willow Moss on driftwood is growing steadily.

15th, 2005 (22nd day)

The first trimming on the 22nd day from planting. The stem plants planted at the same time to the same height were beginning to show a difference in their growth depending on their types. Trimming became necessary to keep their growth in balance.

Check out the rest of the entries and the detailed aquarium specifications in the article.


  1. Hey, wanted to say I love your blog. I'm just getting back into the hobby and I'm going planted this time. I've found lots of useful information here. Thanks.

    Every happiness,


    (Haha, word verification was "knockup"!)

  2. People who have tanks like this are true gardeners. I think an aquarium like the one pictured would require a lot of time and maintenance to keep it looking good. Maybe when I'm retired...

  3. Out of curiosity, how long does a planted tank like this take to maintain after the initial setup? Perhaps I should clarify: how many hours per week must one spend on a tank this size to achieve this look? I've had freshwater tanks ... only the plants were always plastic.

  4. Enjoy your blog very much...I was wondering if you or anyone can identify the plant on the right side of the scape with tips of red and white. Amano never lists plant species. Thanks in advance!


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