Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2008 ADA Aquascaping Contest Winner

Pictures of this year's ADA Aquascaping Contest 1st place aquascape have been posted on CAU along with an interview of the winning aquascaper, Mr. Cheng Siu Wai. The aquascape is called "Danxia" and is quite unique. Check out the interview as well. Although the English translation is a little rough, it's still worth the read!

Expect the rest of the top 10 aquascapes to surface soon.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Love looking at these tanks. Very inspiring.

  2. thanks for the share... these ADA contestants makes me jealous with those tanks lol =D

  3. Awesome tanks! Tanks like this can make us jealous yes but we have to know that most require lot of maintenance.
    In many case, they do daily water change for a good week, clean the glass again and again and work on plants everyday before to take the picture.
    They look great but I am sure they don't look as great as this all year long.

    Patrice from www.aquariumslife.com


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