Tuesday, November 25, 2008

AGA 2008 Aquascaping Contest Results

This is the season of aquascaping contest results, and shortly after the ADA contest ended, so did the Aquatic Gardner's Association (AGA) Contest for 2008. This contest is divided up by tank size with separate categories for biotope aquascapes and paludariums. Each category has a top aquascape, and these are shown below:

Small (<70l)

Medium (70L-200L)
Large (200L-400L)
Extra Large (>=400L) & also Best In Show



It's been a great year for Peter Kirwan from Ireland, who placed in both the ADA contest and won 1st prize in two categories (Small and Large) of the AGA contest with his amazing aquascapes. For more of the aquascaping entries, check out the AGA 2008 results. There are some other great tanks that didn't take the top prize but are just as nice to look at!


  1. I know nothing about aquascaping, but thanks to your informative posts, I want to learn more. How can I learn more about the hobby of aquascaping??


  2. Wow what a great writeup of the results! Thanks! It's kindof wierd that two such similar tanks placed first in both small and large, or simply logical. Can't decide which =)


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