Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Minute Gifts for the Aquascaper

Ever tried to tell a loved one that you wanted a pair of ADA Lily Pipes only to get a befuddled look in return? Let's face it, those not in the aquascaping hobby won't be familiar with 90% of the products and trying to explain all the terminology can have disasterous results (you may end up with a sweater). That's why I'm composing a list of gifts that you can ask for that won't leave those buying you gifts confused.

The easiest way to get exactly what you want, whether it's
AquaSoil Amazonia or a metal halide lamp, is a gift certificate. Explaining you want Amazonia II and not Amazonia, and a 9 liter bag, not 3 is just too much information for those not familiar with aquascaping. Buying it yourself is the best way hands down. is one of the best places to recieve a gift certificate from. This place is an outlet for Takashi Amano's Aqua Design Amano products and it is guaranteed to make you drool. They have everything from the legendary ADA rimless ultra-clarity tanks to high quality fish food. Their customer service is top-notch as well. When a delivery of AquaSoil I had ordered never arrived, they shipped out another package immediately. Finding how to buy a gift certificate is somewhat tricky though, so be prepared to send along this page.

If a gift certificate is not your style and you want friends and family to be able to give you something physical, you can ask for the
2009 ADA Calendar or 2008 International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest Book which contains the fantastic entries to the contest this year. Both available from, these are awesome gifts for any aquascaper, and won't break the bank (both are under $20).

If you want something more practical for the everyday aquascaping expenses, you can't go wrong with a
Drs. Foster & Smith gift certificate. They have almost anything any fish-keeper could need, including live fish and live plants from their Website! Yes, it's true, you really can get live plants and fish from Santa.

Finally, if you live outside North America, check out
AquaEssentials UK. They have ADA products, and plenty of other accessories and tools you won't find elsewhere to keep you busy. They even have a wide selection of live shrimp! Gift certificates are available, with world-wide shipping available.

So have a Happy Holiday and hopefully you'll find one of these gifts under your tree (or in your email!).

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  1. I'm going to try that this year.....
    The back up is still sending Santa a letter asking for an Optiwhite tank from Aquaessentials though :-)


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