Monday, February 23, 2009

Aquascape of the Week: Renee So's "Morning Glory"

This tank won second place in the small tank category last year in the AGA aquascaping contest and I just love how Renee has used moss to create such a unique aquascape. The moss shapes remind me of trees or perhaps even giant mushrooms. Check out more images and details of the tank at the AGA site.


  1. What is the regiment for maintaining java moss in this way? I have kept java moss now for over 8 years and while if do trim it back really tight from time to time it always seems to grow out.

  2. My moss hasn't grown one single millimetre in a year... it won't even attach itself to the wood!

  3. I really love this tank because for some reason for me it created a very real looking illusion of a pond and then if you look at it in a different way you have what looks like cliffs. Simply Beautiful


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