Friday, February 20, 2009

UK to get Sustainably Harvested Aquarium Fish

Going along with our recent post on how you can "green" up your planted aquarium, according to Practical Fishkeeping, you will soon be able to purchase sustainably harvested aquarium fish in the UK. Called Project Mamiraua and based in Brazil, the project aims to "ensure the long-term protection of fish diversity within the reserve by encouraging the local communities to act as 'custodians of the forest'."

I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of sustainably harvested fish in the future, since many developing countries have realized that over harvesting fisheries, which causes them to collapse, basically wipes out an important source of income. Take the Galaxy Rasbora for example. Paying a little extra for fish wouldn't really bother me either if I knew they were sustainably caught. What about you? Would you pay a little extra for sustainably caught wild fish?


  1. Great idea and I wish them luck but I wonder how much premium people will really pay (as opposed to what they say they will - like organic veg)

  2. Well, the great thing about sustainably caught fish is that eventually unsustainably-caught fish will run low and it will be too expensive to go on that way... and then it doesn't matter how much premium people pay, they'll have no choice : )

  3. Hi there
    I have a question related to the cultivation of glossostigma. 4 months ago I planted it in my tank. About three weeks later glossostigma got red leaves. Do you have ever heard of this?
    What are the resons? It might be helpful for you to know some deteils of the tank:
    pH 6,5
    total hardness °dGH 11,0
    carbonate hardness °dKH 7,0
    NO2 mg/l 0,0
    NO3 mg/l 0,0
    Fe mg/l 0,5
    PO4 mg/l 0.1
    Cu mg/l 0,0
    Finally, the tank is illuminated with 0.7W/l.
    Thanks a lot in advance
    Axel Choidas


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