Saturday, May 23, 2009

ADA International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2009 Countdown

If you're lucky enough to have an aquascape you've been preparing to enter into the 2009 International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (also known as the ADA aquascaping contest), you'd better hurry up and get your final pictures taken! The deadline to enter this year's contest is May 31. Remember you can apply online directly at the IAPLC website as well. Good luck to those who have entered, and even if you don't have a tank you are submitting, you can browse the previous year's top entries for some inspiration for next year:

-ADA International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2008 Top 10

-ADA International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2008: Entries 11-20

-ADA 2007 Aquascaping Contest: Top 10 Rankings

-ADA 2007 Aquascaping Contest: Top 27 Aquariums

-ADA 2006 Aquascaping Contest: Top 10 Rankings

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Aquascape of the Week: Pele's "Oshun"

It's been a while since I've seen an aquascaped aquarium use plants so effectively to make "hills" of green. The way Pele has trimmed and propagated these plants is simply amazing. I have yet to get any of my stem plants to grow this dense and lush. This is also a fairly small tank (about 30 gallons) but it looks much larger, helped by the use of plants with small leaves. The red Ludwigia in the center-right forms a perfect focal point as well. For more information on this tank, check out the thread.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Aquascape of the Week: Nico's "Douce Ambiance"

First off, I love the plant on the top right. Not sure what it is, but the fluffy, feathery leaves are very interesting and remind me of a stand of pine trees. Nico has also done an excellent job using hardscape here, with the gnarled driftwood looking simply amazing (be sure to check out the additional photos in the thread for some sweet "ground level" shots). With all that's going on in the foreground, center, and back right, the back left feels almost neglected!

Gotta love that hill too. I wonder if that's built up substrate or just an illusion using the Glossostigma over rocks and hardscape? And all this in just a 17 gallon tank! It easily looks double that size. Excellent job Nico!

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