Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alberto Sosa's Beniamino Aquascape

Beniamino by Alberto Sosa
Just a heads up of a fantastic aquascape over on Aquatic Plant Central, this little scape (about 10 gallons) by Alberto Sosa is incredibly detailed and interesting. The use of different sized and shaped leaves is top notch, and adds a lot to the aquascape. Check out full size pictures and details, including a plant map and technical details over on his post.


  1. Really fantastic! The blending of the hairgrass thru the moss (very Amano-like), and the Hydrocotyle on top of it is lovely. I actually like that the Glosso is completely filled in so that the substrate shows through. I think if it were totally filled in, that path would have a lot less texture. Thanks for posting!

  2. Just wonderful. Such good details.

  3. wow! this aquascape is very surreal. Kudos to Alberto Sosa.

  4. really magnificent , so much details.
    It sure took a lot of work even though it is a small tank.

  5. I find very interesting the chromatic relationship between the Hyphessobrycon amandae (these are new to me) and the colours of the soil, the E. tenellus at the back and the twisted branch on the left side.
    Congratulations to Alberto.

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