Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tanglerose, an ADG Aquascape

ADGVibe, the ADG YouTube channel, released this new video recently, and wow, I never realized a driftwood-only aquascape could be so stunning. With over 100 pieces of driftwood layered to create two dense thickets on either side of the tank, it really almost takes the place of plants. The choice of the Roseline Sharks really suits the layout as well, and watching them glide gracefully in and out of the driftwood makes this video simultaneously stunning and relaxing. Although driftwood like this isn't exactly cheap (this much could easily cost $500+) it's an interesting idea for the aquascaping community.

As a planted aquarium keeper, however, I'm just dying to add some plants in there. I think a carpet of hair grass beneath the driftwood would keep the minimalist look of the tank. What plants would you add if you could?

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