Thursday, February 24, 2011

Waterplant Multi Function CO2 Diffuser

From one aquascaper to another, this thing is amazing.

I've tried all kinds of CO2 diffusers before, from just sticking the CO2 tube into my Eheim filter intake, to ceramic disc diffusors in the tank, to a dedicated powerhead "bubble-basher." All had some drawbacks, whether it was incomplete diffusion, noise, or having to have something ugly in the tank.

This Waterplant diffuser is an inline diffuser though, so it goes in the outlet or inlet tube of a canister filter. The principle is the same as a ceramic diffuser, but it doesn't need to clutter up the inside of your tank. Just pop the diffuser on and tiny CO2 bubbles are pushed through the ceramic cylinder into the water flow. Nothing to clean, nothing to replace. It's efficient, quiet, and clutter-free. It's also plastic, so there's no glass to accidentally break, and it fits multiple tube sizes.

I have mine on my outlet tubing, only because I feel like putting it on the intake would probably lead to "burping" of the filter still. The diffuser does come with an intake screen though, and is ready to be put on the end of a filter intake directly in the tank.

There are some important things to remember with it though. One is, you absolutely must have a check valve installed in your CO2 line. Because the ceramic diffuser works both ways, water can be forced into the diffuser and up the CO2 tube if your pressure gets low or it shuts off overnight.

For $24, I'm very happy I don't have to fuss with suction cups, have ugly tubing in my tank, or listen to my filter "burp" all the time.

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