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The Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner for 2022

best aquarium magnet cleaner

One of the most arduous chores included in aquarium tank maintenance is cleaning the tank glass. You do not just need to wipe the outside of the tank but also have to clean the interior side to keep the tank clear. However, the entire process does not have to be that hard, especially if you use the best aquarium magnet cleaner.

An algae magnet cleaner for aquariums is essentially two scrub pads with magnets in them. One scrub pad goes inside the tank while the other presses on the outer side. This will allow you to clean both sides of the fish tank without submerging your arm in the water.

There are many different brands of magnetic fish tank cleaners in the market these days, and although they are mostly inexpensive, you should still put in some effort to not waste your money. This article will teach you what to look for in an aquarium cleaner so that you will always get your money’s worth.


Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner Reviews

1. Neptonion Magnetic Aquarium Glass Algae scrapers

neptonion magnetic aquarium glass algae scrapers

I liked the interior scrubbing pad of this aquarium glass cleaner magnetic. Neptonion chose a good-quality Velcro sheet to use as the scouring pad. The plastic “hooks” are just hard enough to scrub off the algae properly but will leave the glass itself perfectly smooth and scratch-free.

The magnets holding the pads together are also quite strong. They apply just enough pressure to press the scouring pad firmly against the glass. Although the pads sometimes get disengaged when you hit a corner, you can easily put them back together by pressing the outer pad onto the glass.

I also like that the outer pad has a thick felt lining. This does not only help the scrubber glide over the glass but also offers aid in wiping away dust and dirt that accumulated over the surface. This is especially true when partnered with the best aquarium glass cleaner spray. You are essentially hitting two birds with one stone.

The product is also ideal if you have a big tank. This scrubber is quite wide, so it will take fewer passes to clean up a medium-sized tank, like a 20-gallon one. However, you have to consider the thickness of the glass.

The thicker the glass, the weaker the attraction between the magnets. If the glass is too thick, then the two halves will not stick to each other.

The problem that I had with this product is that the bristles are a bit too soft that they cannot do anything about the calcified algae. If it has been a while since you last cleaned your aquarium, then you may want to follow up with a scraper to get rid of the tougher dirt.

  • The interior pad has plastic hooks that will not scratch the glass
  • Has a strong magnet holding the pads together
  • The outer part has a felt cover that lets it glide smoothly
  • A large scrubbing surface means fewer passes needed to clean
  • Large and comfortable to use
  • The bristles are a bit too soft for tougher stains

This should be in every aquarium owner’s kit. This scrubber makes it easier to keep an aquarium clean and its strong magnet holds the scrubbing pad tight against the glass. This makes it clean the surface so well.

2. Rosuwa Magnetic Fish Tank Cleaner Brush

rosuwa magnetic fish tank cleaner brush

The magnets used by this scrubber are quite strong and they hold onto each other quite securely. This allows the inner scrubber to provide enough pressure on the glass to clean it thoroughly. However, you still need to be careful when approaching corners as they might disengage.

If you have a 10- or 15-gallon tank, this Aqueon algae cleaning magnet is just the right size for cleaning your tank. I use several of these scrubbers to clean my betta tanks, and all of them have yet to fail to do their jobs. These small aquarium scrubbers are small enough that you can effectively clean the tank without disturbing the fish inside.

I also liked the ergonomic design of the outside piece. The handle has depressions that prevent your fingers from slipping. The brush is also just the right size for my hand. In addition, since this scrubber works quite well, your hands will not even have enough time to cramp up as you will finish cleaning in a short time.

Speaking of the outer piece, instead of a scouring pad, the bottom is covered in soft felt material. This means you can clean both sides of your glass aquarium at the same time. The inner piece scours and removes algae and other dirt inside the tank. The outer piece also wipes away any accumulated dust.

The only problem that I have with this product is that because of its circular shape, it is almost impossible for the scrubber to get into the tight corners. However, since few rectangular aquarium magnet cleaners have the same size, it is best to just get a regular scraper and use it in conjunction with this product.

  • Uses strong neodymium magnets to hold each side together
  • Suitable for small glass tanks because of their small size
  • Ergonomically designed, promoting ease of use
  • Does not scratch the glass
  • The outer side also cleans the glass
  • The circular shape does not allow it to get into corners

If you have a small tank, like a 10- or 15-gallon tank, this brush is just the right size for cleaning it. Although it may not get into corners, they help clean the interior of the tank substantially.

3. Jasonwell Magnetic Aquarium Scraper Glass Cleaner

jasonwell magnetic aquarium scraper glass cleaner

If you are tired of getting your entire arm soaked to the bone when cleaning your aquarium, then you need to get this tank scraper as soon as you can. Aside from eliminating the need to dunk your arm into the aquarium water, and possibly stressing the fish, this scrubber also somewhat makes this chore fun.

This best magnetic aquarium glass cleaner comes in different sizes. I got the medium one for my 25-gallon tank. Although the manufacturer stated that I could make use of the smaller cleaner, I like to use the bigger one because it has stronger magnets, which makes them clean a lot better.

Unlike other aquarium scrubbers/scrapers, this product comes with two scraper attachments – one is stainless steel and is great for the tough calcified algae while the other is from plastic, which is mainly for scraping algae without scratching the glass.

The scouring surface can make short work of caked-on algae, and even caked-on dirt. The surface is constructed out of thousands of tiny plastic hooks closely packed together (pretty much like a strip of Velcro). It scours the surface of the glass without scratching it.

As mentioned earlier, the reason I am using a bigger cleaner for my tank is that I was not satisfied with the strength of the magnets that came with the smaller aquarium cleaner. It felt like the manufacturer used just the exact number of magnets to cut down on costs.

  • Makes cleaning algae off the glass a lot easier
  • Comes with two scraper attachments
  • Available in several sizes
  • Has a non-slip handle
  • Efficiently cleans regular glass tanks
  • The magnets are not as strong as I thought they would be

I suggest that you get this scrubber in the next bigger size than you think you need because the magnets that these brushes use are not as strong as they need to be. Overall, this aquarium cleaner does a decent job. It may not be that great but it is not horrible as well.

4. Lefunpets Algae Magnetic Cleaner

lefunpets algae magnetic cleaner

If you have kids and you would like them to help you keep your aquarium clean, getting this fish tank cleaner magnet may help. This aquarium cleaner is shaped like a cute turtle that is clinging to the side of your tank, so it may appeal to younger aquarium owners. Personally, I also think that it is quite cute.

Don’t be fooled by the cute design as this aquarium cleaner uses neodymium magnets to hold the two halves together. The magnets can keep the scouring pad securely pressed against the surface of the glass. This enables it to scrub off algae and other dirt particles with relative ease.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive about using this magnetic cleaner due to the bristles being as stiff as they are. However, they did not leave even one mark on the glass surface. In addition, the stiff bristles made short work of the caked-on algae and other dirt. I am satisfied with the way this works.

Another thing I liked about this aquarium cleaner is that if the magnets disengage, the inner half of the cleaner will not sink to the bottom. It will float to the top, so you do not need to dunk your arm inside the tank to fish it out.

As cute as this aquarium cleaner is, I do have an issue with its shape. Because of its irregular shape, this magnetic cleaner cannot reach the corners of the tank. I cannot even get near the corners using this magnetic cleaner.

  • Cute turtle design
  • A strong magnet keeps both sides secure
  • Stiff bristles clean but do not scratch the surface
  • Perfect for a small tank
  • Floats when detached from the outer half
  • The odd shape makes it difficult to clean the corners

If you only have a small aquarium, then this may suit your needs nicely. In addition, its cute design makes it a great decoration piece if not in use. However, it does not do an excellent job at cleaning due to its irregular shape.

5. FL!PPER Flipper Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner

fl!pper flipper magnetic aquarium glass cleaner

This product is probably one of the coolest fish tank magnetic glass cleaner tools I have ever used. Although it does not matter much, this magnetic cleaner has a sleek and low profile. The interior piece has a scouring pad on one side and a sharp scraping blade on one end. This allows this tool to reach the corners easily.

I kind of like that this magnetic cleaner is so thin because it does not disrupt the water when I am cleaning the tank. This means that the fish will not be stressed out, and you will also not disturb the substrate and cause the tank to get cloudy.

The reason why this magnetic cleaner is so efficient at keeping aquariums clean is that it uses strong rare earth magnets. These are so strong that even if you pull them apart and the inner piece floats a couple of inches off the glass, you can still catch it using the outer piece.

Another cool feature of this magnetic cleaner is that it will flip automatically from scrubber to scraper even when it is in the water. If you want to flip from the scrubbing side to the other side, you just need to flip the outer piece. This will flip the magnets, causing the inner piece to flip, too.

Now, speaking of the glass scraper, I do have a bit of an issue with this and that you need to inspect it carefully for burrs before using it. The edge of the blade may be sharp but it is not hardened enough. It can get nicked quite easily, which will then severely scratch the glass.

  • Two functions in one tool
  • The thin design does not disrupt the water too much
  • Uses rare earth magnets for stronger attraction
  • The device will flip without the need to reach into the tank
  • Does not sink when magnets disengage
  • Can scratch the glass easily if you are not careful

If you are going to use this product, be sure that you inspect the edge first to ensure that there are no sharp burrs that will scratch the glass. I was lucky enough to get one that worked perfectly but others were not so lucky.

6. ATPWONZ Aquarium Algae Scraper

atpwonz aquarium algae scraper

Before I got this magnetic cleaner, I used an old credit card to scrape off the algae that formed inside my aquarium. It was a tedious and disgusting job, but I had to do it. Thanks to this extendable cleaner and its replaceable scrapers, I can clean the tank much better while keeping my arm dry.

Even though the blades are made of stainless steel, they will not scratch the glass. Another reason why they will not leave a mark is that you are the one putting pressure on the blade. If you think that you are pressing on the blades a bit too much, you can loosen your grip a bit and you will be fine.

The blade of this algae scraper is made of stainless steel, so it will not rust even if you use it in a saltwater aquarium. I also noticed the hardened blades so they will not dull or nick easily. However, in case they still do, there are spares included in the kit. I have not replaced the blade on the one I have and I have been using this for months.

This scraper also comes with an extendable handle, so you can use it to clean larger tanks. I have a 75-gallon reef tank and the extended handle helped a lot. Another thing I appreciate about this is that the extendable handle attaches securely. I haven’t had any instances where the scraper came apart while I am using it.

Now, here is the issue I have with this. If I am using the extended handle, I could not put quite enough pressure on the scraper because it tends to bend quite a bit. This means if I have to scrape off calcified algae at the bottom of the tank, I need to dunk my hand in the tank so I can press on the blade.

  • The blades will not scratch the glass
  • Comes with handle extensions for larger tanks
  • The set comes with extra blades
  • Does not easily come apart in the water
  • Very affordable
  • The extension handle is a bit flimsy

This is a simple, no-nonsense algae scraper. If you have small to medium-sized tanks, like a 20-gallon one, this scraper is the perfect size for it. However, even though they say that the blades would not scratch the glass, you should still be careful.

7. KEDSUM Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Cleaner

kedsum magnetic aquarium fish tank cleaner

I was quite impressed at how strong the magnets that this aquarium cleaner has. There are two pairs of strong neodymium magnets to keep the two parts of the tank cleaner pressed against the sides of the tank. I have been using mine for a couple of weeks and I have yet to experience them pulling apart accidentally.

Aside from the strong magnets, I also like the scrubbing pad that this tank cleaner uses. They are just like Velcro but a bit stiffer and more densely packed. This “magic fiber”, as the manufacturer calls it, works great at getting rid of all the dirt and algae stuck on the sides of the tank.

I also like the wide and comfortable handle that this tank cleaner has. It makes it easy to grip and twist and turn to reach the corners. I use this magnetic cleaner to clean a 150-gallon tank and the ergonomic design helps to keep my wrist from hurting.

What I do not like about this magnetic cleaner is its rounded corners as such causes difficulty in reaching the corners of the tank. I would have preferred something with angled corners. However, this still cleaned the rest of the tank rather well, so I cannot say that it is a bad product.

  • Has two strong neodymium magnets
  • The scrubbing side uses non-scratching “magic fabric”
  • Has a comfortable handle
  • Floats when disengaged
  • Easy to clean
  • A bit hard to get into the corners

This is one of the best magnetic aquarium cleaners I have used so far. The magnets have adequate strength and the scouring surface is coarse enough to get rid of algae but does not scratch the glass. This is also the perfect size for small and medium tanks. Just be mindful of the thickness of the tank sides.

8. Pawfly Algae Scratch-Free Scrubber Magnetic Brush

pawfly algae scratch-free scrubber magnetic brush

I have a couple of nano tanks where I keep my bettas and this is the tool that I use most often to keep them clean. This handy little magnetic cleaning tool is the perfect size for nano tanks. I can clean the inside of the aquarium without disturbing my fish too much.

Although it is a small magnetic cleaner, the magnets that it uses to keep the scrubber firmly pressed against the glass are quite strong. You can even use this on bigger tanks with much thicker glass – up to 3/5” thick, to be exact. However, I would advise against using it on a tank that is bigger than 10-gallons as it would be inefficient if you did.

The abrasive pad used for scouring the interior surface of the tank is quite efficient at removing algae and dirt. Even the tougher stains only take a couple of passes to remove. I no longer need to worry too much about algae bloom, thanks to this nifty little tool.

Thanks to the compact size of this magnetic fish tank cleaner large, I can thoroughly clean the corners of all my tanks. I have a couple of large tanks whose corners are inaccessible for my larger magnetic cleaners, so I use this one. This is just a little bigger than a silver dollar so it can reach the corners with ease.

The only complaint that I have is that the felt material on the handle should be a bit thicker. I have been using this for a couple of months and the felt has already worn down considerably.

  • Just the perfect size for cleaning nano tanks
  • Uses magnets strong enough to go through 3/5” thick glass
  • The inner abrasive pad effectively removes algae and other dirt
  • Has an ergonomic and non-slip design
  • The compact design allows you to clean even tight corners
  • Could have used a bit more felt on the outer piece

This would have gotten higher marks from me had it not been for that annoying noise. However, when it comes to cleaning the tank, there are few others that I can think of that work as well as this one. You can say goodbye to disgusting, green-tinged aquariums with this product.

9. Hygger Aquarium Strong Magnetic Cleaner

hygger aquarium strong magnetic cleaner

The things I liked the most about this magnetic aquarium cleaner are the strong magnets that hold the two parts together. I have a 20-gallon tank and the magnets firmly hold the brush against the glass. Even the tough algae bloom does not stand a chance against this magnetic scrubber.

Another convenient feature is that the brush part will float to the top of the water when it disconnects from the handle. I like this because I do not need to fish it out using my hands. This defeats the point of using a magnetic tank cleaner. This changes the way I cleaned my aquarium.

Aside from the brush, this magnetic cleaner also comes with a scraper attachment, which proved useful for getting rid of the tougher bits of dirt. There is a stainless steel one and another one made of plastic. However, I would still advise against using the stainless-steel blade unless really necessary.

I also like the faux wood handle. It has an ergonomic design, which makes it comfortable to hold. I used this cleaner to restore a neglected aquarium and for a couple of hours of straight scrubbing, my hand did not feel strained or cramped at all.

I do have a bit of a problem with the way the scraper adapter was manufactured. If you try to install the adapter, you will find that it is a tight fit. I had to carefully remove material from the adapter just to make it fit. This would have been even more remarkable if quality control was not so lax.

  • Uses powerful magnets to hold the brush firmly
  • The brush floats when disconnected from the handle
  • Comes with two scraper blades
  • Has an ergonomically designed handle
  • The brush easily removes algae and tough stains
  • Poor plastic molding quality

Aside from the difficulty of making the scraper adapter fit, I haven’t had any other problem using this magnetic cleaner. I highly advise that you use this if you have curved edge tanks because this easily gets into the corners.

10. KASANMU Aquarium Magnetic Scrubber

kasanmu aquarium magnetic scrubber

I have a couple of nano tanks and two 15-gallon aquariums and all of them benefited greatly from this compact yet highly efficient magnetic cleaner. This magnetic brush can effectively remove even thick algae and moss from the sides of the aquarium.

Even though this cleaning tool is a bit diminutive in size, it uses two strong magnets to keep the two halves pressed against the glass. Unlike other magnetic cleaners I tried to use before, this product feels like you are pressing the brush with your hands.

This scrubber also comes with different replacement pads. There is the regular pad, which is ideal for regular glass aquariums. There are also acrylic aquarium magnet cleaner tools that you can use on acrylic and low-iron tanks. You can change the scrub pads easily. It will only take a couple of seconds and you are done.

This magnetic cleaner is also quite idiot-proof. Even though this product comes with a user’s manual, which is written in broken English, you can still figure out how to use them. Not only is this tool easy to use but it also kind of makes cleaning the aquarium fun for once.

I do not have any serious issues with this cleaning tool but I wish that this comes in a bigger size. Although this is great for cleaning tanks up to 20 gallons in capacity, the magnets are not strong enough to keep them attached on the side of larger tanks.

  • Perfect size for small and nano tanks
  • Comes with different scrub pads for all tank materials
  • Held together using strong magnets
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Not suitable for large tanks

This magnetic aquarium cleaner is great for small tanks, like nano tanks for bettas and the like. You can use this on a bigger tank if you wish. However, if the glass is a bit too thick, then expect that the magnets may not be strong enough to press the brush against the glass.

What to Look For When Buying a Aquarium Magnet Cleaner

algae magnet cleaner for aquariums

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when you are shopping for your first aquarium magnet cleaner:

Magnet Strength

Ideally, you will need a magnetic cleaner that uses strong neodymium magnets. They will make sure that the scrubbing piece is held down onto the surface of the glass to make it clean more effectively.

If the magnets are not strong enough, the bristles would just glide over the offending blemishes without getting rid of them.

Size and Shape

It would be an exercise in futility if you have a magnetic cleaner that is too big for your tank as it will not have enough room to scrub properly. You should not get anything too small as well. The reason is that it will take you an incredible amount of time trying to clean the tank.

Regarding the shape of the magnetic cleaner, it should have angled corners or at least flat sides so they can reach and clean the corners of the tank better. This way, you do not need to resort to using a separate scraper for dealing with the hard-to-reach areas.

Cleaning Efficiency

There is no point in getting a magnetic cleaner that does not clean very well. It is a waste of money and your time. A good tank cleaner should have coarse, yet not sharp, brush bristles, so they can scrub off all kinds of algae growth off the sides.

In addition, the bristles of the brush should not be so hard that they leave thousands of scratch marks on the tank surface with every pass.

Tank Material

Is your aquarium made of regular tempered glass? If that is the case, then you could probably use most of the magnetic cleaners that are on the market today. However, if your tank is acrylic or low-iron glass, you will need to get cleaners that will not scratch the surface.

Ergonomic Design

The handle of the brush should be comfortable to hold and manipulate. This is especially true if you have a large tank, or else you will have such a sore wrist after cleaning it.

Frequently Asked Questions

acrylic aquarium magnet cleaner

Is Magnetic Cleaner Good for Aquariums?

Yes, it helps keep the inner walls of the aquarium clean and clear. Aside from making your aquarium look unsightly, not cleaning it may also cause unhealthy living conditions for your fish.

How to Use a Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner?

A magnetic cleaner comes with two parts – the handle and the brush attachment. The brush attachment is the part that goes into the tank, and then you need to press the handle against the outside surface. Magnets in both attachments will cause them to attract each other, causing the brush attachment to press against the side of the tank.

Once the brush part presses against the inside surface of the tank, you can proceed to scrub like normal.


If you are tired of dunking your entire arm into your aquarium whenever you need to scrape the algae on the sides of the tank, then consider getting the best aquarium magnetic cleaner. This will help you keep your tank clean and clear, but without all the usual hassle that comes with it.

However, you have to make sure that the magnetic cleaner that you get is suitable for the tank that you have. Choosing the wrong kind of magnetic cleaner may cause irreparable harm to your tank.

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