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The Best Automatic Fish Feeders for 2022

best automatic fish feeder

Do you have a couple of aquariums but often need to leave the house due to the nature of your work? If you have a buddy in the neighborhood who can feed your fish for you while you are out then you are good. However, if you don’t, then what will you do with your fish? In that case, you need the best automatic fish feeder.

Auto fish feeders are gadgets that you can program to dispense fish food at predetermined times. So, regardless of whether you are at home or not, you can be sure that your scaly friends will always be fed properly. Another nice thing about using automatic fish feeders is that they train the fish to feed at a fixed time every day.

There are many brands and models of vacation fish feeders, so choosing just one can be a difficult task. These gadgets are not cheap, so you need to choose wisely. This article will teach you about the particular qualities that you need to keep an eye out for when you are shopping for an automatic fish feeder so that you will end up with the best.


Best Automatic Fish Feeder Reviews

1. Lukovee Automatic Fish Feeders

lukovee automatic fish feeders

The best feature of this automatic feeder, in my opinion, is the large LCD. I have used a couple of compact automatic feeders and I hated their small LCD screens. It is hard to set dispensing times using just a single screen. If you made a mistake, you must do it all over again. This one has a huge screen that makes it easier to set up and go.

Speaking of setting it up, another thing I hated about other battery-operated fish feeders is that they reset when you take out the battery. This is not a problem with this nifty gadget because it has a built-in 700mAh rechargeable battery.

You just need to set it up once and it will retain the settings forever. Even if the battery loses its charge when you plug in a charger (any phone charger will do), the system will still be able to save the settings.

This was also one of the easiest to use of all the automatic feeders I have owned. You do not need to remove the canister to refill it with fish food. The opening is large enough that you can pour in pellets straight from the bag.

You can still easily remove the canister when you need to clean it. Another nice thing is that the canister is large enough for an entire weekend of feeding.

You do not have to modify your tank in any way to mount this automatic fish feeder for a tank with a lid. If you have a rimless tank, you can clamp this on the side of the tank. However, if you have a traditional tank, you can remove the clamp and just place this on a small platform over the tank.

I like this gadget a lot but I discovered that the output opening is not large enough and it makes dispensing quite inconsistent. This is especially true with feed for smaller fish. I had to modify the canister to make it dispense its contents more consistently. It is easy enough if you have the tools but it would have been better if you did not need to do it.

  • Features a large LCD monitor that displays the feeding times daily
  • Comes with a 700mAh battery
  • Easy to refill with fish food
  • Allows you to mount it in two ways
  • Not adjustable feeder opening
  • The dispenser is a bit inconsistent

This product is one of the better automatic feeders that I have tried so far. Not only is it easy to use and program but the rechargeable battery also means I do not have to worry about this suddenly going dead and not feeding my fish. It does have a couple of issues, though. However, you can fix them easily if you have a Dremel and a lot of patience.

2. Torlam Vacation Auto Fish Feeders

torlam vacation auto fish feeders

This gadget has all the functionality that you would need from an automatic feeder. It takes a bit of tinkering but you can program up to four feeding times for your fish. You can also program how much food it should dispense. I have a large community tank, and I am glad that this goes up to 4 feedings because my fishes are quite ravenous.

Don’t worry if you have a rimmed tank. You will still be able to install this dispenser without having to modify the tank. This comes with a patch of double-sided tape that you can use to fix the base onto any platform. You can even place this on a shelf that is above the tank so it does not get splashed with water.

Another nice thing about the feed hopper of this automatic fish feeder for a small tank is that it is moisture-proof. The feeder opening stays on top so there is no issue with water splashing from below. This is important because if even a small amount of water were to get into the hopper, it would make the pellets inside go bad fast.

The feed hopper is also easy to refill with food because the cover opens up quite wide. I can easily refill it even without removing it from the main body. I have tried other feeders with such small openings that you need to use some sort of funnel to refill them. With this one, I just need to remove the cover and pour the food straight from the bag.

I do have a bit of a problem with this auto feeder when I am using this on my tetra tank – that is it is somewhat inconsistent. This is a problem when I load this feeder with small pellets or flakes. It gets even worse when the hopper is less than half-full.

  • Programmable for up to 4 feeding times
  • Can be clamped on the side of the tank or placed on top of a rimmed tank
  • The feed hopper is moisture-proof
  • Easy to add food since the hopper opening is adjustable
  • Small LCD screen
  • The dispenser is a bit inconsistent when the amount of food is below half capacity

Overall, this is a convenient tool that makes fish keeping a lot easier. Even though it does have a couple of issues, none of them are deal-breakers. Also, note that you need two batteries to power it up but they can last a long time.

3. TOPBRY Automatic Rechargeable Fish Feeders

topbry automatic rechargeable fish feeders

This fish feeder is a great gadget if you have a large community tank with fish species that eat at different times. You can set up four different feeding times, which will repeat every day.

In addition, you can set how much food the hopper would dispense every time. For instance, you can set the feeder to dispense at 9 am and set the hopper to spin 3 times since the fish might be hungry after not eating through the night.

Another nice thing about this is that the hopper has a large filler opening. I can easily fill it straight from the bag, I do not need to use a scoop or a funnel. Also, I can easily remove the hopper for hassle-free and convenient cleaning. It also has an adjustable feeder opening, so you have some control over how much it dispenses.

Another nice thing about this automatic feeder is that it has a rotating base. I had other auto feeders with fixed positions, making it a bit difficult to position them on my tank. This one is great because you can position the feeder anywhere. After that, you can twist it to position the outlet to where you want it.

This automatic feeder is a completely wireless gadget. These auto feeders come with 700mAh rechargeable batteries, which you can charge using regular cellphone chargers. They can hold enough juice to last for at least 3 months. I have been using my feeder for over a month and the battery indicator shows it is still half-full.

I like this top-notch automatic fish feeder for flakes but I also experienced a couple of issues with this. First, the LCD screen is a bit too small. I also did not like the quite complicated method of setting the timers.

If the screen is a bit bigger, navigating through the different settings might be a bit easier. However, since you will only be setting the timers once, this is not much of a problem.

  • Can preset four feeding times and the amount of food dispensed
  • Large hopper opening and large capacity
  • Features a rotatable base for easy positioning and mounting
  • Boasts of a large-capacity rechargeable battery
  • Small LCD screen
  • Quite confusing to program

This is a great automatic fish feeder. It may not be the best but it is definitely far from being the worst. I like how the base rotates and the large-capacity food hopper. Those two details are some of the underrated features that most people do not seem to notice.

4. LONDAFISH Automatic Fish Feeders

londafish automatic fish feeders

It is rare for me to find the most suitable automatic fish feeder for betta that can also use all sizes of fish food. I have two units of this product – one set on top of a community tank and the other over a koi pond.

This fish feeder can accommodate small pellets, sticks, and large pellets. The packaging stated that it can dispense flakes too, but I haven’t had much success with it yet.

Another nice thing about this device is that you can set four feeding times a day. This is great when you have nocturnal feeding fish or if you are out of your house most of the time. I use this to automate the fishkeeping process. Since I have four tanks, having an automatic feeder on each one saves me a lot of time and effort.

I thought that because this device uses batteries, I had to replace them quite often, which was wrong. This auto feeder is quite energy-efficient. A pair of AA batteries can last up to four months of continuous use.

I have a couple of them set to dispense food twice a day, and they have been using the same batteries for three months. I noticed that it is still running at the moment.

The adjustable hopper opening also lets you control portion sizes. For instance, if you will be using this dispenser on a fry tank, you should make the opening just enough to pour out a small number of pellets. It also has a manual feeding option so that you can test how much feed the device dispenses. This allows you to tweak it accordingly.

Now, I will go to the things that I did not like about this daily double automatic fish feeder. The biggest issue that I have is that it is quite fragile, especially the hopper mechanism.

If you accidentally twist the hopper in the wrong direction, even just a little, you will most likely have broken the device. I also did not like the small LCD screen because it makes programming the device a lot harder than necessary.

  • Can accommodate all kinds of fish food
  • Allows the user to set up to four feeding times
  • Can work for months without replacing batteries
  • Adjustable outlet size
  • Complicated to set up
  • Easy to break accidentally

It is stated that you should not rotate the food container; otherwise, the device might stop working. However, even if you just accidentally twist it, not even an eighth of the way, it will be enough to break the motor.

5. Noodoky USB Charging Automatic Fish Feeders

noodoky usb charging automatic fish feeder

Let’s say that you will be going away for the entire weekend. How will you make sure that your fish will not be starving, or dead when you come back? It is a good idea to invest in this automatic fish feeder from Noodoky. Although the brand name might sound silly, this device is a seriously good accessory for your aquarium.

If you have a rimless aquarium, you can use the included clamp base to mount the dispenser on the side of your tank. However, you do not need to worry if you have a traditional tank. You can remove the clamp base and use double-sided tape to attach this device to the cover of your tank.

One of the best things about this best aquarium auto feeder is that it comes with a rechargeable battery. What this means is that you will no longer need to replace batteries and reprogram the device every time it runs out of juice. The 700mAh battery, in my experience, can last for around four months on a single full charge.

What many beginners failed to do before using this device or any other auto feeder is that they must adjust the hopper opening. This is another feature I liked about this gadget.

It allows the user to adjust the dispenser opening depending on the size of the food. I have been using this for dispensing dried bloodworms and they are quite small. The smallest setting is just perfect for my needs.

The only problem that I think some aquarium keepers might have with this is its bulkiness. This is one of the larger models of automatic feeders I have used so far, and I can understand the frustration of some people when positioning this.

Also, I discovered the scheduled programming to be quite complicated, so I am thankful that I only had to do it once.

  • Has a large-capacity feed container
  • Allows you to clamp it on the side of the tank or fix it on top using mounting tape
  • Has a rechargeable 700mAh battery
  • Adjustable dispenser opening
  • It is a bit bulky – This is the reason why it is not ideal if you have a small tank (5-gallons below)
  • A bit complicated timer setup process

Because this is quite large, you might not want to use it for a betta tank. However, if you have a community tank that is 20-gallons or bigger, you will not find any issues positioning this auto feeder. Another nice thing about this is that you do not need to refill it every day because it is so big.

6. Juwel Automatic Aquarium Feeders

juwel automatic aquarium feeders

Juwel is a company known for making quality consumer aquarium products and accessories. This is why this automatic fish feeder for aquariums with a lid fits perfectly on their tank covers, right beside the feeder opening. Just remove the cover and place the device on top. It fits so well that you could swear that the tank came with the feeder.

This device is one of the more durable ones that I have owned yet. The plastic hopper is not brittle at all. I have accidentally dropped mine on a hardwood floor a couple of times and it has not even cracked at all. The motor is also quite durable. I have been using the feeder for a couple of months and the motor is still as strong as ever.

You can use all kinds of fish food with this dispenser but this is one impressive option for the most functional automatic fish feeder for pellets. I have been using it with different fish tanks.

I have used small pellets for tetras and bettas and used them on a goldfish tank with large pellets, and they have worked quite well on both. The hopper has an adjustable feeder hole so users can adjust how much food goes out with every rotation.

I was a bit disappointed that this device was battery-operated. I would have wanted this to be rechargeable, but I was impressed with how long the two AA batteries lasted. I have been using the same pair of batteries for almost three months and the battery level is still over half capacity.

This is a very simple and quite outdated design. For one thing, the timer is not programmable. It will turn on after twelve hours have passed since you first turned it on. This means that if you work from 8 to 5, you will not be able to program this to turn on at noon.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Fits perfectly in a Juwel tank
  • Easy to adjust dispenser size
  • Batteries last a very long time
  • Very limited feeding schedule
  • Condensation builds up inside the hopper

If you have a Juwel tank, you may want to consider this auto feeder for it. However, keep in mind that it has a couple of serious issues. The biggest of which is the problematic and very limited feeding schedule. I could not recommend this product for people who do not use Juwel tanks, and even then, I am not that impressed.

7. FREESEA Aquarium Vacation Timer Feeders

freesea aquarium vacation timer feeders

If there is one thing that this auto feeder has going for it, it is in the looks department. This auto fish feeder has a sleek minimalist design. There is no LCD screen and there are only three buttons to press. This is great for those who just want something that will feed their fish whenever they are out of the house for a day or two.

It also has a manual feeding button. Just press it once and the feeder will dispense food for your fish. The nice thing about this feature is that you can get to test and tune how much food it dispenses every feeding cycle. If you feel like it puts out too many pellets, you can narrow down the opening of the dispenser, and vice-versa if it is not enough.

Speaking of the adjustable dispenser, it also means you can use different kinds of food. You can fill up the 200ml container with small pellets. You can also fill it with freeze-dried mealworms. Moreover, you can use flakes, though it can get tricky because of the non-uniform sizes and shapes. Despite that, you have an assurance that it is possible.

If your aquarium is in your bedroom, and you are worried that it will wake you up in the middle of the night, you can rest assured that it won’t. The dispenser’s electric motor is so silent that you will not even hear it working. You will only hear a slight sound from the pellets inside the hopper.

Although it is quite easy to use, it does lack many functionalities that come with other brands in the same price bracket. For instance, not having the option to set the dispenser to work at specific times is a downside.

  • Has a simple and straightforward design
  • Features a manual feeding button
  • Can work with all kinds of fish food, thanks to the adjustable dispenser
  • Super silent operation
  • You can’t set it to work at specific times.
  • Does not have battery indicators

This would be a good device if you will only be using it when you will be away for a day or two. However, the lack of features and programmability makes me feel like this device is overpriced. For the price, I expected that you can set the exact time that this fish feeder would turn on and dispense food.

8. Hygger Programmable Auto Pond Feeders

hygger programmable auto pond feeders

This feeder is ideal if you have a large pond in your yard, preferably one with a lot of fish and others. You can fill the storage container with enough food for your fish, turtles, and other critters for several weeks.

In addition, this automatic feeder can fit large pellets, like the ones used for feeding koi and turtles. However, you can also use this for smaller pellets and freeze-dried mealworms.

Another nice thing about this auto feeder is that it is easy to install and set up. It needs a bit of assembly but you will only need basic tools and technical skills. If you know how to use an electric drill, you can assemble and install this feeder. It also comes with a 12-foot-long power cord, so it will be easy to find a nearby outlet for the pump to plug into.

This automatic fish feeder for ponds comes with a small and simple control panel. This control panel is also highly weather-resistant so you can mount it right next to the dispenser.

You can use the control panel to schedule up to 9 feeding times per day and set the amount of food the device dispenses. You can even change the auger that the dispenser uses to change the amount of food dispensed.

Because you will be installing this outside, it only makes sense that this device is weatherproof. However, because it will also be storing the food for your pond denizens, it should be tamper-proof.

The lid has a very tight seal, preventing backyard critters, like mice and raccoons, from getting their paws on the contents. There is also a shielded control panel, preventing intense sun and rain from damaging it.

I do have a couple of issues with this device. The first thing is that it is quite bulky, so it can be hard to hide the feeder in the background. The other issue I have is that the lowest feeding setting still dispenses too much food for a small pond. The lowest setting dishes out more than enough fish food for a large pond.

  • Equipped with a large-capacity food container that can easily fit large pellets
  • Relatively easy to set up and install
  • Easy to program the timer
  • Completely waterproof and weatherproof
  • The lowest feeding setting is still too much
  • It is a bit bulky so it is hard to hide in the pond background

This feeder would be nice if you have a large pond stocked with lots of wildlife. If you have a small tank or pond, I suggest you use a smaller model. This will quickly flood your small pond with excess food.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty feeder that can withstand everything that Mother Nature can throw at it, including curious critters, you need to check out this product.

9. NICREW Automatic Timer Feeders

nicrew automatic timer feeders

If you have a rimless tank, you can clamp this device securely on the top edge. The clamp securely holds the feeder in place so it will not budge even when it is working.

On the other hand, if your tank comes with a cover, you can remove the clamp and install this over the feeding window. There is a bit of double-sided tape included in the package that you can use to mount the feeder over the hole.

If you have lots of fish in your tank or a community tank that has fish with different feeding schedules, you will like this device. You can set up 4 different feeding times for your fish and set the amount of food dispensed at each time. This is great when you have nocturnal fish. You do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed them.

The food drum can fit up to 200g of fish food, which is more than enough to feed your fish for several days. Aside from setting how many times food gets dispensed every feeding time, you can manually set how much goes out by adjusting the opening of the drum.

If you want to give your fish a bit of a treat in between feeding times, there is also a manual feeding button. Press this and the drum will rotate to dispense food into the tank. I used this option quite a lot when I first set up my device. I used the manual feeding feature to tweak how much fish food pours out with every drum rotation.

Although this device is quite energy-efficient, it is such a hassle that you need to reprogram the feeding timer all over again. This can be quite annoying when the device already comes mounted on the tank and you do not have a clear view of the LCD screen.

  • Has two installation options available
  • You can set up to 4 feeding schedules and the amount dispensed
  • Adjustable food drum, thereby accommodating all sizes of fish food
  • Boasts of a manual feeding feature
  • The included instructions are unclear
  • When the batteries run out, the feeding schedules reset

This device does work as advertised despite its difficult-to-understand instructions. There may also be a need to tinker around to get the portion sizes just right. It would have been much better if it is rechargeable or had an option for wired operation. That way, you do not have to set up the thing every time you change the batteries.

10. MOOBONA Automatic Fish Feeders

moobona automatic fish feeders

I often need to go out of the house for a couple of days due to the nature of my work and this device ensures the proper and correct feeding of my fish. This automatic fish feeder has a 200g capacity, enough for at least three days’ worth of feeding for the kinds of fish I keep. If you keep heavy eaters, like goldfish, a full container may last up to two days.

I also like the moisture-proof food drum of this device. This means that there is no risk of water condensing inside the drum, which will cause the food to go bad fast. However, I like to play it safe so I put a desiccant pouch inside the drum to absorb the excess moisture inside. This allows the food to still be good for a week or more.

This automatic feeder comes with a digital timer. You just need to set the current time and date, and then you can set up 4 different feeding schedules. I have a community tank and it contains a couple of plecos that like to feed at night. So, I set up my automatic feeder to dispense twice during the day and twice again at night.

Although this device is compact, you can use different kinds of fish food with it. I have two automatic feeders, one is for a tank full of tetra, and I feed them with micro pellets. The other one I use on my goldfish tank and I feed them with rather large food sticks. The dispenser does not have any trouble with either type of food.

As much as I like this device, it does have a couple of minor issues. First, it is a bit difficult to program, especially if you have not used anything like this before. Another issue is that it has a bit of trouble dispensing flaked fish food. If you use flake fish food, avoid filling the drum so that the flakes do not clump up.

  • Has a 200g capacity drum that is easy to refill
  • Moisture-proof food drum, thereby keeping the contents fresh
  • Allows you to program it to dispense at specific times
  • Can use different kinds of fish food
  • Quite tricky and complicated to program
  • Has trouble dispensing flaked fish food

It will take a bit of trial and error to get the settings just right. However, after you do, you can rest easy. This automatic fish feeder has been quite reliable so far and I think that I will be getting a couple of years’ worth of use from it. If you are often out of the house and want to make sure that you feed your fish properly, you need this gadget.

What to Look For When Buying a Automatic Fish Feeder

automatic fish feeder for aquarium with lid

There are lots of brands of automatic fish feeders in the market today, so choosing the one that is right for your needs can be tricky. To help you out, here are some pointers on what you need to look for when you are out shopping for the right auto feeder for your aquarium.

Timer Function

There are lots of automatic fish feeders out there that you can only set to dispense food every 12 or so hours. These kinds of devices are not ideal if you want to set them to turn on at certain times during the day. You should look for a device that at least has a clock function, allowing you to program them to function at certain times.

The Number of Feeding Times Allowed

As mentioned earlier, there are food dispensers that would only do so every 12 hours or once a day. However, there are better devices that allow you to not only set a specific time for feeding your fish. You can also set them up to operate multiple times during the day.

It is also nice to pick a fish feeder that allows you to choose the amount of food dispensed at every feeding time. For instance, if you keep goldfish, you can set the device to dispense more food every feeding time.

Drum Capacity

How many days do you usually leave home? If you are usually out of the house no more than two days at a time, an auto feeder can hold enough food. Typically, these devices have 200g capacities, which is enough to last several days, longer if you have small fish.

Types of Food it can Accommodate

Aside from the amount of food the dispenser can carry, you should also check what kinds of food it can carry. Almost all auto feeders can handle the micro pellets. However, if you have goldfish, you need a device that can dispense fish food sticks.

Power Type

It would be better if you choose a device that comes with a rechargeable battery built-in or something that you need to plug into a power socket to work. Many brands offer auto feeders that run on AA batteries. There is no issue with the battery life. The problem is that you have to reprogram the device with every battery change.

Frequently Asked Questions

best automatic fish feeder for small tank

How does an Automatic Fish Feeder Work?

The typical automatic feeder comes with a digital timer. This is what you will use to set different alarm times to cause the dispenser to work. Just set the time’s when you want the dispenser to work. Others will automatically work once you turn them on. Some would operate after another six hours.

How to Program an Automatic Fish Feeder?

Typically, the way you program auto feeders is the same across the different brands. First, you need to set the clock of the device. Next, choose the time when you want the dispenser to work. After that, set the number of times the drum would rotate if available. You can then set up to four feeding times on most auto feeders.


Hopefully, now that you made it to the end of this article, you have learned what makes the best automatic fish feeder. These devices are not cheap, so you should do your best to pick the one that you can make the most use of. With the right automatic feeder, you can leave your home for days and you can be sure that your fish will be eating right.

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