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The Best Rimless Aquarium for 2022

best rimless aquarium

Rimless aquariums are quite beautiful with some so well-made that you would not even think that there was any acrylic or glass when filled. However, with beauty also comes a large price tag, so you need to find the best rimless aquarium if you want to get the most out of your money.

One thing that you need to remember when you are shopping for rimless aquariums is that they will have thicker walls. The walls need to be thicker because there are no rims that provide structural integrity. The walls themselves will be the ones providing rigidity.

This is why it is rare to find rimless tanks that are above 200 gallons. However, you can easily find a 10- to 30-gallon rimless aquarium in most pet supply stores.

In this article, you will be learning what to look for when you are shopping for rimless aquariums. You will also be getting a couple of product suggestions to help you make your decision a bit easier.


Best Rimless Aquarium Reviews

1. Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium Tank

landen rimless low iron aquarium tank

Landen was right when they added a hollow bottom in their smaller rimless tanks. I liked how they made the tank look like it was floating in the air. Although you can only find this feature in the smaller-sized tanks because this is impossible to pull off with a bigger tank, this is still a neat feature.

The tank is made using low-iron glass, which is the best one to use for aquariums as it has excellent light transmission. This means that you can see inside the tank with superior clarity.
With proper maintenance and occasional cleaning, your deep blue rimless aquariums will always be crystal clear. Speaking of maintenance, this type of glass is easier to keep clean compared to acrylic.

When I first saw this rimless nano tank, I was a bit apprehensive to use it because it does not seem like the seams have anything that holds them together. However, upon closer inspection, I found that there are beads of silicone inside the seams. They are just so clear that I could not see them at first. This gave the tank a clean and sharp look.

I was also impressed at how well the company packaged the tank when they shipped it. Not only did they use copious amounts of styrofoam and bubble wrap, but the tank was also double-boxed. The tank arrived with nary a scratch on it and it was also so clean and crystal clear. I just needed to wipe it down a bit and it was ready for use.

I only have a very minor complaint and it is that they placed the company logo on the upper right corner of the tank. It just did not look right for me. It is a good thing that it’s just a plastic sticker that was easy to scrape off using a knife.

I would not have thought that much about the sticker if it was on the bottom corner where the substrate could make it less noticeable.

  • The hollow bottom adds aesthetic appeal
  • The low-iron glass provides excellent light transmission
  • Clean silicone seams
  • Packaged with plenty of padding and came without a scratch
  • Excellent customer service
  • The sticker is attached to the front

There is nothing all that serious to complain about other than the brand sticker, which is quite easy to fix. If you are looking for your first-ever rimless tank, then this would be a good start. This tank is small enough for a small group of tetras, platys, and other small fishes.

2. Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquarium

lifegard aquatics crystal aquarium

The thing that I loved the most about this 10-gallon rimless aquarium is that it already comes with almost all the things I need to operate it. There is a sump installed at the back of the tank. It already has a couple of compartments and a submersible tank to circulate the water.

The edges are precisely cut to 45 degrees each to provide an almost seamless look to the tank. Even when you slide your fingers along the edges, you will not feel the seams at all. Combined with the built-in and hidden filter system, you will be getting a sleek and minimalist aquarium.

As mentioned earlier, this tank already comes with a submersible tank of its own, so you do not need to buy a separate one. With proper tweaking, you will not need to replace the proprietary pump as it is more than powerful enough for the size of the tank.

This tank is also the perfect size if you do not have that much space in your home. I live in a rather small apartment, so this 10-gallon tank fits perfectly in the limited space I have. Moreover, the low-iron glass is extremely clear. Even though this tank is on the small side, I still find it quite beautiful.

The only problem with this large rimless aquarium is that it is hard to replace the submersible pump if it ever breaks down on you. The outlet of the pump is plumbed directly on the side of the tank. It is fortunate, though, that the pump is quite durable and efficient.

  • Has a built-in filtration system
  • Has almost invisible glue joints
  • Comes with a submersible pump
  • Low-iron glass for improved clarity
  • Space-saving design
  • The filter is hard to replace if it breaks

If you are in the market for a good quality all-in-one seamless aquarium, then this might just be the one that you need. This sleek and beautiful aquarium may not be that big but it comes with all the things you need for a healthy aquarium.

3. BEGONDIS Rimless Low Iron Glass Aquarium Tank

begondis rimless low iron glass aquarium tank

Even though it looks like it would not be that strong, this aquarium is quite sturdy. Even though this is a rimless tank, the sides are made of 5mm thick low iron glass.

The thickness of the aquarium walls themselves is enough to provide support for the entire tank. I have stocked my tank with a substrate, rocks, and driftwood, and I have not run into any problems at all.

Another neat thing about this tank is that the corners are nicely glued together. The silicone seal is so transparent and cleanly applied that I could have sworn that the glass pieces were welded together somehow. When you run your fingers down the edges, you would not feel any jagged bits whatsoever. It is craftsmanship at its best.

As mentioned earlier, this tank is made of low-iron glass, which makes it extremely clear. With 91% light penetration, you can see the contents of the tank without any problem whatsoever. I chose this because I will be keeping a small school of tiny fish, and I need a clear tank so I can see them easily.

If you are a fan of minimalist designs, then you will like this tank. It is almost a perfect cube and there is no trim or other garnishings that will take the attention away from the fish. With the right light, this tank will serve as the perfect “canvas” for your aquatic masterpiece.

I don’t have any complaints about the tank itself. However, I do have a lot of issues with how the company packages the tanks for shipment. To put it bluntly, the company does not know how to pack a delicate glass tank properly.

It was quite the mystery how my tank managed to reach my house without any damage considering the shabby packaging job they did.

  • Made of 5mm thickness low-iron glass
  • Cleanly glued edges
  • Low-iron glass is very clear
  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • Excellent customer service, especially when it comes to returns and replacements
  • Subpar packaging

Although it was quite nerve-wracking to unpack this frameless glass aquarium from its flimsy packaging, I finally got to let out a sigh of relief when I discovered that it was still in perfect condition. This aquarium is the best choice for those who like minimalism and those who do not have that much room.

4. SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium

seaclear acrylic aquarium

Acrylic has gone a long way since it was first used to make aquariums. I was very much surprised at how clear this tank was. The reason I avoided acrylic seamless aquarium tanks until now is that I thought that they were not as clear as glass and that it would seem like I am looking through prescription lenses. It went beyond my expectations.

The best thing about this rimless acrylic aquarium is that it has curved seamless edges. This adds more strength to the tank while also making it look a lot cooler, in my opinion. You could not do this with a glass tank unless you know a glass artisan who can custom-make a tank for you, but then again, that would be crazy expensive.

Also, even though the acrylic used for this Petco rimless aquarium is quite thick, it is still much lighter compared to a glass tank of a similar size. When it was delivered to my house, I did not even break a sweat placing it on its stand. Also, it felt solid when I held it unlike glass wherein I am always afraid that it would shatter.

The best thing about using acrylic for an aquarium is that it is more impact-resistant than glass. This tank can easily hold 10 gallons of water and the other accessories in the aquarium. This is also great if you have young kids in the house. They will not be able to even scratch this tank.

I do not have anything bad to say about the tank itself but the top cover included with the package is just plain horrible. Unlike the rest of the tank, the cover is made of flimsy plastic that would warp after just a few months. I just did the cover on my own and it looked and worked a lot better.

  • The acrylic is quite clear
  • There are no edges, making it a bit sporty
  • The tank is much lighter compared to glass tanks
  • A lot more impact-resistant compared to glass
  • The edgeless design makes it look sleek
  • Thin plastic used for the top cover

Although acrylic aquariums are significantly more expensive compared to glass, they do have their own set of benefits. Also, you cannot get the same kind of seamless design on a large rimless aquarium unless you have it custom-made, which is even more expensive than just getting an acrylic tank.

5. JBJ Rimless Desktop Glass Aquarium

jbj rimless desktop glass aquarium

The nice thing about this rimless aquarium kit is that you are getting all of the accessories (except for the tank contents) that you will need to keep an aquarium. The tank has enough capacity to keep a couple of fish (more if they are small) and you will be getting a water filtration system and a dimmable LED light as well.

Speaking of the filter, this Starfire rimless aquarium comes with a 3-stage mechanical and biological filtration system. Not only will this filter help remove the solid waste from the water, but it also improves the water chemistry by cultivating nitrifying bacteria. The bacteria will help remove excess ammonia and nitrates that come from fish waste.

The LED light, while not the most advanced, is a welcome addition to this tank. I like the simplicity of this light, and since the fishes I keep in this tank are not that sensitive to changes in lighting, the included one is fine.

You can set this light for daylight (maximum brightness) and dusk (dull lighting). This is a good thing as this can provide the fishes with a natural-feeling habitat.

This tank is made of low-iron glass, which makes it incredibly clear. In addition, the corners are cut and glued together with such a high degree of craftsmanship that you could not even see the silicone sealant. Even without the included accessories, this tank alone would make for a great starter aquarium for anyone.

The only thing that I did not like are the legs of the tank. They are tiny, and they are not as securely glued at the bottom of the tank as much as I wanted them to be. I would suggest that you just get rid of the feet and just place the tank on an aquarium base.

  • You will be getting everything that you will need to keep an aquarium
  • Comes with a 3-stage filter
  • The edges are cleanly glued together
  • Uses low-iron glass for optimum clarity
  • Easy to remove filter and light when needed
  • The legs are prone to coming off

If you do decide to buy this tank, I advise you to remove the bottom legs and get a tank base pad instead. Other than that, this tank is highly recommended for beginners as you will be getting everything that you will need for the hobby.

What to Look For When Buying a Eimless Aquarium

deep blue rimless aquariums

Rimless aquariums can be quite expensive, so to make sure that you get your money’s worth, consider the following:

Build Quality

Rimless aquariums do not have the same structural integrity that regular tanks have due to their overall construction. Their strength relies mostly on the thickness of the sides and the craftsmanship that went into assembling the tank.

Ensure that the corners are properly sealed. They should not also move even when you force them to. Ideally, the tank should feel like it was made from one pane of glass and when you hold it in your arms, it feels like one solid piece of plastic. It should make you feel safe as if you are holding one huge piece of plastic.

Glass or Acrylic?

Both glass and acrylic are great materials for making aquariums, and they also have their share of pros and cons. For instance, acrylic is much more affordable and it is highly resistant to impacts and will not shatter.

However, it does lose quite a lot of its clarity after a couple of years. Glass, on the other hand, will always be clear (depending on maintenance) but it is very fragile. It will be up to you to choose the right materials for your tank. There is nothing too bad to complain about either material, so anything at all will work.

Tank Clarity

If you want to have an aquarium that is so clear that it sometimes looks like there are no sides, then you need to get one made of low-iron glass. This material has more than 90% light penetration, which will allow you to see all the contents of the tank.

There are also acrylic tanks that have almost the same kind of clarity as low-iron glass, but they are much more expensive.

Tank Capacity

You rarely see large-capacity rimless aquariums mainly because they need to use thick panes of glass to make them structurally sound. They are still available but they would cost a pretty penny.
Moreover, if you are thinking of getting a rimless glass tank that has a 150-gallon capacity, you better have a couple of your friends on hand to help you lift that thing.

On the other hand, there are many smaller capacity rimless tanks that you can choose from, like a 10 or 20-gallon rimless tank, and most of them sell for reasonable prices. However, if you are looking for something along the lines of 50- to 100-gallon tanks, then I suggest that you look into acrylic aquariums.

Included Accessories

Many rimless aquariums that you can find for sale already come with tank accessories, like lights and filters. There are even some that have a built-in sump and submersible tank. All you need to do is supply the filter media and you are set to go.

This will depend on your level of experience at keeping aquariums. If you are a beginner and would just like to get your aquarium started right away, then you should get a complete kit (the ones that come with a filter system and lights). However, if you want to customize your tank, you can just get a tank without the accessories.


Because rimless tanks need to use thicker glass panes, it is understandable that they are significantly more expensive compared to traditional aquariums. So, if you don’t have much in terms of budget but you are adamant about getting a rimless aquarium, consider getting a smaller capacity tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

frameless glass aquarium

Why are Rimless Tanks so Expensive?

The reason why rimless reef aquariums have a bigger price tag compared to the traditional tank is that they use thicker glass. Due to rimless aquariums not having the structural support provided by the rim, it needs to get the required strength elsewhere. In this case, the structural strength will mostly come from the sides of the tank.

Aside from using more material, rimless tanks are also a bit more difficult to assemble compared to the traditional rimmed tanks. Often, the corners will be chamfered to give the tank a sleek and smooth appearance. The additional work that goes into the tank reflects on the final price.

Rimless vs. Rimmed Aquariums?

Both rimmed and rimless aquariums have their own set of pros and cons, so you can either choose one or the other. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best tank based on its aesthetic value, then you should choose the rimless variety of aquariums. However, good looks also come with a hefty price tag.

Aside from looks, rimless aquariums also provide more viewing angles. This is more evident when you are using this as a rimless saltwater tank. Rimless tanks offer more viewing angles because the tank itself looks like it is made of one solid piece of glass.


Now that you reached the end of this article, you have most likely already learned what you need to know when purchasing a rimless aquarium. This is the type of purchase that you have to think about properly, as you will not only risk getting an aquarium that will shatter later due to the weight of the water.

Aquarium-keeping should be a hobby that relaxes you, so you need to get the right tank. Having the right kind of fish tank will take away a lot of the hassles and headaches attached to it.

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