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How to Get Rid of Bubbles on Top of Fish Tank

why are there so many bubbles in my fish tank

As an aquarium owner, it can be frustrating to see some issues on your tank, even if you feel that you have already done everything to maintain the aquarium. One of these issues is the bubbles appearing on the water on top of the fish tank. These bubbles look strange and might make you wonder what went wrong with the maintenance process you are doing.

It is usual for you to look for answers on how to get rid of bubbles on top of fish tank. The best thing to do is to know first the possible reason behind these bubbles. In fact, there are many possible reasons behind the fish tank having bubbles where some of which are just normal. Others are an indicator that there are some issues with your maintenance process. Please read more below to find out.


Why are There so many Bubbles in my Fish Tank

Honestly, it is normal to see some bubbles in your fish tank. It is part of nature and the ecosystem of the aquarium. Your filters can cause bubbles to develop, while the air stones can create bubbles that assist in moving the water freely around the tank. If you see some bubble in the water that pops immediately, and as long as they are not foamy in nature, then you have nothing to worry about.

Why are there Bubbles in my Betta Fish Tank

Believe it or not, there are some species of fish that causes bubble in the surface of the water. Bettas, gouramis, and catfish create bubbles to attract mates. You might see some bubble nests on top of the water or attached to the plants of your aquarium. There are even situations where you see debris on the bubble nests, but all of this is entirely normal in nature.

Different Types, Causes, and Removal of Bubbles in the Fish Tank

how to get rid of bubbles on top of fish tank

There are many ways to get rid of unwanted bubbles in your fish tank. A straightforward way to do it is to switch from an air-powered filter to an electrical-powered filter. This type of filter will run smoothly and quietly without causing any bubbles in the water. Some bubbles arise from water that becomes soiled because of too much fish waste and dissolved food.

This situation can cause oily scum at the top of the water, filter, and bubbles will make them intensify to its effect. If you have a fresh water tank, you can change the water or replace your filter cartridges. If you have a saltwater fish tank, you can use the same procedure, but there are other ways to remove such as using a special filter called protein skimmers which will pull out the oils that lead to these unwanted bubbles.

But, there are also other types and causes of having bubbles in your aquarium which are listed below:

Bubbles on Plants

There are moments that you see bubbles rising on top of the water coming from the plants, but this is just normal. In some instances, the oxygen in your aquarium is low, and it will just combine with your aquarium’s water. However, if the water is full of oxygen, then the extra oxygen produced should go somewhere else, forming bubbles that go into the water’s surface.

Meanwhile, when you are cutting dead leaves in your plants or the fish bites the stem, there is a natural process that will happen called pearling. Because of this process, small bubbles might be produced when you cut the leaves or stems of the plants. However, algae is also a type of plant, and it can also pearl, which means if you have an algae bloom, there is a tendency that bubbles will come out in the water. But beware of this sign, as you need to eliminate algae immediately out of your fish tank.

Bubbles Produce When Doing Water Change

When you are changing the water in your aquarium, there will be a chance that air bubbles will be all over the glass and other surfaces of the tank. It is because of the fact that cold water holds more oxygen than hot water. So, when there is a quick change of temperature because of mixing the new water to the old water of the aquarium, then expect bubbles to form, which will cover the glass and other surfaces.

Bubbles Coming From the Water Heater

If you have an aquarium heater installed, there is also a chance of having bubbles in your aquarium. When it comes to cold water, it can hold more oxygen than warm water. So, if you turn on the water heater, the cold water suddenly becomes warmer, which means that oxygen will have to transfer to other places, which will form bubbles that go on top of the fish tank. But do not worry once the proper temperature of the water is achieved, the formation of the bubbles will be eliminated eventually.


It is usual for you to see bubble formation in your aquarium. It can be an unpleasant sight, but learning how to get rid of bubbles on top of a fish tank is an essential skill you must have as an aquarium owner. There are many reasons why it happens, but the most important thing is to know the cause to give you an idea how to remove it in your fish tank.

As stated above, there are many different triggers that can cause the bubbles to appear, and all you do is figure out its cause to have an appropriate response to remove the bubbles immediately.

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