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How to Make Betta Fish Toys

how to make betta fish toys

Betta fish are territorial in nature, but they are generally smart fish species who love playing with toys that copy things in nature. Since they are not friendly with other fish, you can give them toys for entertainment. Do you know how to make betta fish toys? Read our tips below to know how to do it.

Aquarium Plants Can be a Betta Fish Toy

There is more to those aquarium plants in the aquarium than its usual usage. If you have a betta fish, it can also have the purpose of being a toy for this fish species. These aquarium plants will provide those bettas with a nice place to hide.

If you are using live plants, it helps produce oxygen which will benefit the fish. Meanwhile, if you are using fake plants, those bettas can easily play with them, nip them, or even hide them. Just make sure that these artificial plants do not come with sharp edges to make the fish safe all the time.

Ping Pong Balls as Betta Fish Toy

Those unused ping pong balls in your home can be converted into toys for your betta fish. They are cheap and readily accessible and can entertain your betta fish. If you do not have one in your house, you can certainly buy a new one because it is very affordable.

You can put the ping pong balls on the surface of the fish tank water. The betta fish will then nip the balls and play with them. If you are using an old or used ball, make sure to wash them thoroughly before putting them in the aquarium.

Use Laser Pointers to Promote Exercise for the Bettas

The laser pointers have been used by other animals such as dogs and cats as interactive toys. Believe it or not, this tiny device can also be used to entertain and make the betta fish exercise just like the other animals do.

You can use the laser pointer to exercise the bettas, but you must make sure that some limitations prevent stress from developing. This betta fish will like following brightly-colored lasers in the fish tank.

Moss Balls Can be Used to Promote Hunting

Moss balls are another small organisms that can be converted into something that entertains the betta fish. With its soft and safe surface, the bettas will have their full attention as they investigate the softness in the water’s surface.
Having these living organisms in your aquarium is comparable to having your betta fish back into the wild as they keep the bettas busy. In addition, moss balls can also help maintain the cleanliness of the aquarium water and enhance its overall landscape.

Toy Log Enhances the Bettas Natural Instinct

Another toy you can use is the toy log. This betta fish toy is created to appear similar to a tree trunk and will easily mix your fish tank’s decor. This toy can also serve as the fish’s little space to relax and rest. The best thing about this toy is it will help in making the fish safe inside which is impressive.

The log also comes with a hole where the bettas can easily enter and exit. They can easily play in these holes to keep them busy at the same time. Some toy logs also come with a feeding hole where you can quickly drop their food for easy pickup.

plants can be a betta fish toy

Leaf Hammock Makes the Bettas Relax

As mentioned earlier, aquatic plants can be an excellent toy for the bettas apart from being an essential part of the aquarium’s ecosystem. In connection with this situation, you can use an artificial leaf to serve as a place for relaxation for this beloved fish.

The left hammock will be attached to an artificial suction pad positioning on the left side and a few inches below the aquarium water. But make sure to remove any sharp edges that may hurt the fish as they hang on the hammock to relax.

A Small Mirror Can Be an Excellent Toy for your Betta

If you have a small mirror, it can be converted into a temporary toy for your bettas. How does it help your betta fish? It creates interest and pride in having an illusion that there are also other fish aside from them. The mirror will help in reducing boredom and having them exercise.

But I suggest that you let the fish play in the mirror once in a while. Placing them permanently will create additional pressure thinking there’s a threat coming from other fish. You can creatively attach a string to the mirror to easily remove it once the playing time is done.

Coconut Husk as their Resting Place

Living in a tropical country can easily make this toy for bettas. The husk of coconut can also be converted into their relaxation and resting place. You can creatively convert the coconut husk into a betta cave and make it their unique home and playhouse.

It is usual for betta fish to destress and find a safe haven for them to relax. And one of them is this coconut husk. You just want to be creative in building your cave using this part of the coconut. Also, make sure that it is safe before putting it in the aquarium.

Paper Cut-Outs/ Post-it Notes Creates Awareness for the Bettas

Those colorful post-it notes and paper cut-outs can also be converted into a special toy for the fish. The curiosity of the bettas will make them interested once you put those colorful paper cutouts on the side of the aquarium.

You can playfully create beautiful designs to enhance their curiosity. You can even put some special notes on the papers as a way of communication. It’s one of the best ways to express what you feel about your beloved pets.


How to make betta fish toys? There are many ways to do it. Your option is unlimited, from simple materials found in our home to toys specially made for them. Giving toys to the bettas will bring so much value and benefits and help eliminate their boredom.

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