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Why is my Fish Tank Filter So Loud

why is my fish tank filter so loud

An aquarium filter plays a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness of the aquarium water. However, there will be moments when the fish tank filter produces a sound that is so loud, making it annoying to hear.

So, why is my fish tank filter so loud? The primary reason behind it is that too much dirt accumulates inside, resulting in the filter creating a loud noise. The filter can also generate a sound when the water level is insufficient. Other things that cause that tank filter to produce a loud noise are listed below.


Fish Tank Filter is Dirty

The primary reason the filter is so loud is the accumulation of dirt inside. When the filter is dirty, it will start producing loud noises that may be irritable to any fish tank owner. When you fail to clean the filter for a long time, there is a tendency for the dirt to accumulate inside, which causes noise.

What you will do is unplug the filter and take it out of the aquarium. Then, you can remove the filtration media and remove all the dirt that accumulates inside. You can rinse it with clean water to remove all the dirt.

Since there are various types of aquarium filters, cleaning it will all depend on the type of filter you own. So, you will check the product guide and follow how to clean the filter you are using in the aquarium.

However, when cleaning is not enough and your filter is too old, there are other options that you can do aside from cleaning. The best thing to do is replace your old filter with a new one. This situation applies when your filter is still noisy despite the cleaning you have done. The filter is probably too old, which means replacement is essential for the filter to work efficiently without noise.

The Water Level Has Dropped

Another reason for the fish tank filter to become so noisy is when the water level has dropped. The primary reason behind the water level dropping is evaporation. The high evaporation rate usually happens when the temperature is high during the summer.

When the water falls to an undesired level, it can cause the fish tank filter to get noisy. What you can do to eliminate the issue is to raise the water level immediately. The most efficient way is to make the water level barely touch the output of your fish tank filter.

Defective Impeller

fish tank filter is dirty

A fish tank filter is basically composed of a pump, canister, and filter media. When you check where the water is brought in inside the canister, you will see an impeller responsible for moving the water to and from the filter using a centrifugal force.

Sometimes the impeller can be broken because of the presence of too much sand causing it to rot over time. Another way for the impeller to get broken is when a fish unintentionally swims inside because the filter screen fell off accidentally. This situation can also cause the impeller to be broken, which usually creates noise coming from the tank filter.

To rectify the issue, you will need to check the impeller’s status. If the impeller is not broken, then you can actually clean it while applying a lubricant to eliminate the noise. Vaseline and silicone oil are used to lubricate the impeller to make it work perfectly again.

If it is broken, the best way is to look for a similar impeller online as a possible replacement. However, this part of the fish tank filter is very difficult to find, which means it is possible that you will be unable to find a replacement. If it happens, the next best thing to do is replace your filter entirely.

The Fish Tank Filter Has a High Flow Rate

Another reason why the fish tank filter is so loud is when it is set to a high flow rate. If it is, the fish tank filter will produce a loud sound because it will require all the parts of the filter to move quickly, resulting in loud noise.

The solution to this issue is to lower the flow rate setting. But you must set it properly because it can also affect the quality of its cleaning. During the adjustment, it will be better for you to put it slightly lower but not too low. The desired setting is the higher setting that will not produce any sounds once the filter works.

The Fish Tank Filter is Vibrating

Another reason why the fish tank filter is so loud is when it is constantly vibrating. Now, there are many reasons why it happens. First, when a part inside the filter is broken, it will result in its efficiency and sudden vibration.

Another reason for the vibration is the filtration media is clogged up, causing the filter to vibrate because it is not working well. Also, when the filter is rattling the wall, it can produce a vibration which will result in loud noises.

When a part is broken, it should be replaced immediately. When the filter media is clogged up, which results in vibration, the best way to eliminate the issue is to clean it. You can remove any debris or particle that is stuck inside the filter media for it to work efficiently again.


Why is my fish tank filter so loud? There are many reasons why it usually happens. But the primary reason is when the filter gets dirty, especially in the filter media. The fish tank filter will also be noisy if some parts are broken, making it not work efficiently. A high flow rate and low water level can also make the fish tank filter loud.

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