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Why Do Bettas Make Bubbles and Create Bubble Nests

why do bettas make bubbles
As a Betta fish owner, you must know that the bubbles accumulating near the water surface in the tank are made by your Betta fish and that it does not have anything to do with the water. But why do Betta fish make bubbles? Do both males and females make them? When do they blow the bubbles? Bubble and bubble nests are all positive indications, and in this article, you will understand more about this natural phenomenon.


Why Do Betta Fish Blow Bubbles

When you see this remarkable occurrence, do not be alarmed as it happens naturally when male Bettas are around. So why do Betta fish blow bubbles, and how?

When do Bettas Blow Bubbles

First, let us get this straight. Male bettas are the only ones that blow the bubbles; no female Betta does it. Expect it to happen when the fish is four (4) to twelve (12) months old. At this time, they would be inclined to blow bubbles because they most likely would want to mate.

Blowing bubbles are mating indicators for the bettas. A fish will not show signs of a desire to mate if it is in poor health. So consider the bubbles a notion that your fish is healthy.

Male Bettas do not need to have the company of a female Betta to blow bubbles. Whether there are female Bettas or not in the tank, they would still blow bubbles to show that they are ready to father fish fries.

Bettas in a temperature-controlled tank would not have a breeding season, unlike those in the wild. Instead, it is always their season to mate since the water is ideal.

How do Bettas Blow Bubbles

Male Bettas make the bubbles by gulping air from the surface, blowing it underwater, and coating it with mucus. You may encounter the terms saliva bubbles or spit bubbles when discussing this subject.

Why Do Betta Fish Make Bubble Nests

why do betta fish make bubble nests

When a male Betta blows bubbles, it is only in one area. The Betta would accumulate the bubbles to make bubble nests. But why do Betta fish make bubble nests? To attract the female Bettas, of course. How so? You ask.

Essentially bubble nests scream, “I am ready to be a father, to protect and provide for my hatchlings!” This is another answer to the question, “Why do Bettas make bubbles?” to create bubble nests designed to hold and house their hatchlings.

The bubble nests are made under foliage or floating debris to protect from predators or anything that might fall into the water. Once the nest is constructed, the male Betta would wait beside his nest for a female Betta.

If they successfully mate, the female lays the eggs collected by the male using his mouth. He would then gently place the eggs into the nest.

The nest would provide shelter and oxygen for the development of the eggs until they hatch in a day or two. Once hatched, the young ones would remain to swim in and around the nest for another two (2) weeks to easily access oxygen and protection should threats come by.
The hatchlings need the nest for the first few days of their lives because they are poor swimmers when they just hatched.

How Often Do Male Bettas Make Bubble Nests

If you see irregularities with the bubble nest making of your Betta fish, do not worry. There is no standard timeline for when a Betta should be making them and how often.

A male Betta could create bubble nests once a day, a couple of times a week, or a few times a month. It’s an individual creation for them.

Why Does My Betta Fish Not Make Bubble Nests

It is possible that the Betta will not create a bubble nest in its lifetime, but that does not necessarily mean he is unhappy or ill. There are cases when a male Betta needs a female companion to trigger the bubble nest-making instinct, or the Betta could simply not want to mate.

Making bubble nests is not a measure to be used if your fish is happy or not. He could be not making bubble nests but still be content and happy.

Another explanation why your Betta does not create a bubble nest is because it did, and you simply did not see it.

Remember, the nests are built under foliage or debris that can safely protect the nest from potential harm. If you do not see the nest from above, then try to look from the side or below.

Last Words

I hope this article has helped you to know more about the bubbles floating in the tank where your Betta fish reside. That has answered your question, “Why do Bettas make bubbles and create bubble nests?”. With the understanding that your Betta fish is ready to mate and multiply, why not consider sending a female Betta on his way. What do you know? There might be eggs in the nest the next time you look at it.

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