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Waterbox vs Red Sea

The Waterbox and the Red Sea are two of the most popular fish tanks due to their excellent features and functionalities. But what is actually the difference between the two fish tanks? In this article, we will compare Waterbox vs Red Sea aquariums in an effort to help in your fish tank selection should you buy a new one.


What is the Difference Between Waterbox and Red Sea

Features Waterbox Red Sea
Stand Quality Sturdier, Luxurious Plain Looking
Leveling Legs Screw-in Push Pin
Shims Not Needed Needed
Plumbing Imperial European

Owning a Waterbox aquarium for about six months now and having a Red Sea aquarium for almost two years gives me an excellent experience comparing the two brands. So, there are many differences between the two lines of the aquarium, which you should understand.

The first one which should be compared is the stand quality. The stand of the Waterbox is a little bit sturdier and has a better finish. In other words, I feel like the water box stands to look impressive and luxurious from my point of view.

Meanwhile, the leveling legs of the Red Sea aquariums come with push pins that go from the bottom. On the other hand, the legs of the Waterbox come with screw-in legs that can be used for leveling.

With the Red Sea, it is essential to put shims underneath the tank. Meanwhile, the Waterbox needs you to turn over the aquarium and measure the floor for you to adjust every single leg to fit the coverage of your floor.

Making this adjustment may take a while for you, and you will probably exert more effort in adjusting the legs of the Waterbox. In my experience, it took me about two hours to finally achieve the setup that I wanted.

Also, the plumbing of each brand is quite different. The Red Sea focuses on European plumbing while the Waterbox is all imperial. If you live somewhere in North America, Canada, and America, this situation means you can go to your local hardware stores to get the plumbing you need.
The Waterbox also comes with manifolds which is very useful if you want to run reactors. The brand will also give you a much higher quality ball valve in this Waterbox aquarium. This part will enable you to fine-tune your Durso drain with its design.

The Waterbox also comes with two return outlets which are very useful which allow the water to flow in both directions. There is also an overflow that is made of glass which will enable you to use the scraper to be used to remove algae without having to fear that you are going to scratch the glass.

Red Sea Aquarium

red sea

When it comes to innovation, I can say that Red Sea aquariums are one of the best in the industry. Using one of its aquariums makes me appreciate how they make all their aquarium products.

A good example is the Red Sea Reefer which is known for its advanced plug-and-play aquarium system. This aquarium is one of the popular choices, especially for those who are just starting to have an aquarium in their home.

Glass Quality

The Red Sea aquariums take pride in the quality of their glass. Actually, they are built to offer excellent rimless quality and super-clear glass aquariums. This glass is built with thick edges and with no plastic rims. This rimless design looks very modern while the glass is crystal clear.

Cabinet Quality

I am also impressed by the way they designed their cabinet. It is actually built to match the aquarium itself. The cabinet also comes with high-quality painted doors made with waterproof epoxy to ensure durability and toughness.

The cabinet also comes with a laminated marine stand which provides enough space for the other parts of the aquarium. Among those parts which can be put on the cabinet are the pump system and even the chiller.

Base Quality

Meanwhile, the aquarium will be put on a base that is actually designed to float or raise above the cabinet. It is designed in such a way that it will follow the shape and contour of the glass to have a better look.

But the thing about the stand of this aquarium is it should be assembled and put together. The stands are available in black or white, but they should be adequately assembled by following the instructions.

Unique Overflow System

The overflow system of the aquarium is built so that it will not take so much space on the display tank. It has the ability to hold the plumbing system without even being seen. It is also built with removable combs, which will do surface skimming.

Waterbox Aquarium


Simple but exudes quality is what describes the Waterbox aquarium. Their aquariums are very approachable and perfect for beginners. If you want excellent features, ease of usage, and excellent craftsmanship, the Waterbox aquarium is an excellent choice. Other notable features to look to are the following:

Glass quality

All Waterbox aquariums are built with starphire glass to provide optimum clarity. The glass is also made with low iron to ensure that it allows for a clearer view when compared to other traditional glass tanks.

Meanwhile, the construction of the glass revolves around straight edge black silicon. All of the edges are built together with excellent strength and a clean appearance. This construction is different from those rimless tanks, which shows poor quality where the silicone sticks out.

Excellent Overflow System

The Waterbox aquarium uses a full glass overflow which is unique and different from the standard acrylic overflow system. In terms of scratches, the glass overflow is protected from the threat of scratches over time. Removing algae is easy without worrying about scratching the surface of the overflow.


The cabinets of a Waterbox aquarium are heavy-coated and built with hardwood which is more durable than standard cabinets. It also comes with soft close doors and PVC-coated hinges. The cabinet also comes with a brace-off center that allows you to have easy access to the tank.


Comparing Waterbox vs Red Sea aquariums is actually difficult. Both lines of aquariums come with distinct features and functionalities. It is all about finding the aquarium that suits your needs and requirements.

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