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What Can Betta Fish Eat of Human Food

what can betta fish eat of human food

Betta fish is a prolific eater, but what can betta fish eat of human food? Giving betta fish with human foods is allowed, but it should be very specific. Foods like tuna, peas, corn, cucumbers can be delivered to your beloved pets but with certain limitations. Please see all the foods in the list below.

Different Types of Meat

In the wild, betta fish are carnivorous in nature, which means they love to eat meat. Actually, they need to have more protein in their diets to survive and thrive. With that said, meats from chicken, pork, and beef can be given to betta fish.

However, the amount of meat should be given in minimal quantities only. Some fish enthusiasts may not like the idea of feeding land-based foods to fish, but this is actually not harmful. But you need to make sure that the meat is cooked correctly.

Boiling the meat is essential and never adds any additional spices. Give it to the fish as naturally as it can. The only issue with giving these meats is the chemicals being used to make them grow, which is probably not good for the fish.

Different types of Seafood

Seafood is also an excellent food that can be given to betta fish. This human food is also an excellent source of protein which makes it a perfect food for betta fish. The only reminder is to give it in moderation.

Tuna and fish are some of the seafood which can be fed to the betta fish. As much as possible, it should be given in raw condition. Avoid adding additional seasoning and remove the oil if the tuna is from the can.

Oysters, scallops, and other similar seafood are excellent for betta fish. All of these foods are also excellent protein sources which makes them ideal for betta fish. Seafood is also an excellent alternative to meat foods.


Peas are another human food that can be fed to betta fish. The upside of this food, when given to a fish, is of being an excellent source of fiber. The fiber will be very useful in treating constipation and bloating in betta fish.

It is better to remove the peas’ outer skin during the preparation because this part is very difficult to digest. You will also need to cut it into very small pieces while preparing it mushy for the fish to consume it easily.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Among those leafy and soft greens which can be given to betta fish are spinach, lettuce, and even cucumbers. Again, these vegetables are an excellent source of fiber which should be good in helping the fish digestion issues.

In terms of preparation, spinach and lettuce should be cut and served into small pieces for the fish to consume and digest quickly. You can boil cucumber to make it softer before feeding it to the betta fish.

Sweet Corn

In some ways, sweet corn is similar to peas in terms of structure and nutritional value. When feeding a betta fish, the preparation is also the same. You can remove the outer layer of the skin and boil them to make it softer before feeding to your precious pets.


This fruit is an excellent option if you are looking to feed your fish with fruits. But the most important thing is only to give them occasionally and not all the time. You can cut a very small piece of mango and put it in your fish tank.

You might see the fish consuming the mango with interest, but you must limit the exposure of the mango in your fish tank. After 30 minutes, make sure to remove all the remaining mangoes in the fish tank. Otherwise, it might contaminate your aquarium.

Crackers and Breadcrumbs

Feeding crackers or breadcrumbs to betta fish should only be done occasionally. This food is comparable to hamburgers when eaten by humans. For sure, bettas love to nibble those crackers or breadcrumbs, but these foods come with a lot of additives. Too much eating of this food will lead to digestion issues of your beloved bettas.


Human Foods Which Should Not Be Given to Betta Fish

human foods which should not be given to betta fish

There are some selection of human foods which can be given to bettas as stated above. There are also some human foods that should not be given to the betta fish for some reason. Please check below.

Citrus Fruits

Putting citrus fruits in your fish tank with the intention of feeding your betta fish may bring an unfavorable result to your water quality. These types of fruits can lower the pH level of the water of your fish tank and even to the fish, which means it should not be given to the fish.


The purpose of giving food to the fish is to provide nutrients to their body and make them healthy. But if you give them foods without any nutritional benefits such as bread, your effort to feed and take care of them will just be wasted. Better not do it because you are just wasting your time.


What can betta fish eat of human food? There are a few of them, actually. We have listed this food as your guide as an alternative food for your betta fish. These pets love to eat, and giving them variety apart from giving them traditional fish food is an excellent idea. Just make sure to feed them with human foods occasionally.

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