Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Super Nano Aquariums

I just found these Zen Vases today, they're from CB2 and they're flower vases, but would make perfect super-nano aquariums. They range in size from a 0.2 gallon cube to a 1.2 gallon long tank. They are frame less, trendy, and would make perfect coffee table or desktop aquariums. As long as it is an area with lots of natural light, you could do without a light fixture. Java moss, Anubias nana var. "petite," Java ferns, and other low to medium light plants with smaller leaves would be great plant choices. A filter isn't needed either, since doing a water change would take 30 seconds with a cup and could be done twice a week. Snails could keep algae to a minimum, a few shrimp or one or two small fish (tetras or barbs or even a Siamese Fighting Fish) could be added as well if you wanted to add fauna.

Check out this living desktop moss decoration idea as well using Stringy Moss.

These super-nano aquariums are blurring the line between hobby and decoration, and are so cheap and add so much life to a room. Plus, creating an aquascape this tiny takes great skill! For a great article on setting up a nano aquarium, check out this article from Practical Fishkeeping. Happy nano-scaping!


  1. Those are very interesting containers, but bettas (Betta splendens), Tetras or any nano fish should be kept in a tank of 1g or smaller. Shrimp and snails maybe, but not fish. My opinion anyway.
    Great blog!

  2. I agree with Jake and based on hundreds of betta rescue (here in NYC) and 50 years experience plus degrees in biology and more.

    Tetras need schools of fish for security and schools need more room them most think - they get aggressive in otherwise (try remembering what it's like with a full elevator of people - imagine it getting stuck FOREVER lol.

    As well in reality these nano/pico (what in my day as a child were simply called small!) take much more experience then a larger aquarium... I get pretty sad when reading on blogs of people (without doing research apparently) keeping gold fish, and many other fish then wondering why they die.

    Shrimp at least one gallon (again all in water chemistry) but snails even poo a lot so one has to watch that.

    Just plants can be lovely!

    I just sold all of my aquariums (ten from 75 on down) and have left a one gallon "moss pot" (two of my favorite rocks - one mounted higher to appear to float above the other - in the back of it) with java moss, and needle leaf java ferns and a teeny pink whirl snail (not ramshorn).

    Beautiful designed blog btw.

  3. Forgot to add - heater (betta and other tropical fish) (and in small size tanks problem of controlling for overheating.. even with expensive better filters)... I guess one could use a pad under it (if you can find one)...

    (I had actually scoured their site for a vase for moss rocks) Going to garden center (NYC) as huge vases can be found but problem is glass now often comes from china and cracks easily with water temp differences (even slight as when rinsing out in tepid water).


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