Monday, December 01, 2008

Aquascape of the Week: Stephen Chong's Bamboo Forest

This week's aquascape is an amazing little tank called Bamboo Forest by Stephen Chong. I was amazed recently with an entry to the ADA aquascaping contest at how aquascapers are starting to not only mimic landscapes, but also specific types of trees. Stephen does an excellent job here of capturing the look of a bamboo forest. The choice of plants is excellent and the dense bushy growth mimics how bamboo really looks in the wild. Feel free to browse Stephen's other aquascapes, there are plenty of excellent ones!


  1. Just sort of stumbled on your blog here. You've got some really amazing photos here! I wish I had the dedication to make my aquariums look like these...

  2. Have been a terrestrial bambusaphile for over 16 years and that does not look like bamboo to me.


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