Friday, January 02, 2009

Video: How to Set Up a Pressurized CO2 System

Setting up a pressurized CO2 system for the first time can be a bit daunting. For any of you that were lucky enough to get a pressurized CO2 system for the holidays, I came across this excellent video on how to set up a pressurized CO2 system from Green Leaf Aquariums which goes through all the basic steps. Although regulators may vary, the basic steps in the video will be the same for most systems (for example, not all regulators need the working pressure adjusted). Just be sure not to screw on the bubble counter cap too tightly, or you may crack the plastic (as I did, and woke up to a puddle on the floor under the tank!).


  1. nice tutorial...but i have a quick i own a pressurized CO2 system with solenoid valve...the problem i'm having is the back pressure when the solenoid is turned off...the water travel along the tube even with the check valve already install...i really worried if the water traveling up the tube might ruin the solenoid...thanks

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog, and it is the best blog I have seen all year. Thank you!

  3. i think mr anonymous check valve is a cheap one..try use ADA product or a bubble counter also could mess.

  4. Yeah, you may want to replace your check valve if you have water running down the tube past it. If it gets through the solenoid and into the regulator, it could destroy the regulator. It pays to use a good check valve.

  5. I like the video. Well its alright, but the sound track was great. As for the water coming back down the line to the solenoid; my thoughts are to check both the line and the connections after the solenoid. My guess is there is a little leaking happening somewhere between the tank and the check valve, or the check valve is junk and you need a new one. If you are using a bubble counter; is it filling up with water? or is it loosing water from the bubble counter itself, because it would suck back water from here first? If all these fail to provide and answer, have the solenoid pressure checked at the same place you get your tank filled. Good Luck.


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