Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Aquascape of the Week: Nico's "Douce Ambiance"

First off, I love the plant on the top right. Not sure what it is, but the fluffy, feathery leaves are very interesting and remind me of a stand of pine trees. Nico has also done an excellent job using hardscape here, with the gnarled driftwood looking simply amazing (be sure to check out the additional photos in the thread for some sweet "ground level" shots). With all that's going on in the foreground, center, and back right, the back left feels almost neglected!

Gotta love that hill too. I wonder if that's built up substrate or just an illusion using the Glossostigma over rocks and hardscape? And all this in just a 17 gallon tank! It easily looks double that size. Excellent job Nico!


  1. That's myriophyllum mattogrossense no doubt.

  2. Ahh thanks for the plant ID!


  3. You have photos of the evolution:*30*36-mise-en-eau/0/

    It's a french forum.

  4. That hill is built up substrate, you see it in a photo in the link i post.

  5. Those are some great plants, definitely better than the cheap plastic ones. I would suggest that you don't overdo it, however, make sure the fish have ample room to swim around. Great looking tank though, especially for the limited size.

  6. thank you for choosing my tank for the asquascape of the week .

    for the background i wanted to do something quite light and aerian to compensate the quite heavy background ,i thought that the myrio matogrossense would do the trick , i love this plant , it does beautiful slopes and is very easy to shape .

    as for the foreground i wanted it to go over the stones that would create a more natural effect .

    for the slope it is all done in substrate , stones prevent it from sliding.

    Fish Tanks , those fishes will move soon in a bigger tank (240L i guess) .


  7. Wow! this is just amazing! I've steering clear of natural aquarium plants since forever as i am so afraid of algea and various ilnesses that most experts warn about.

    This is an eye opener to see just how beautifull it can be.

    You've turned me. I got to try this!



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