Friday, August 10, 2012

Sanjeev Kumar's Rainbow Aquariums Video

Check out these awesome Rainbow fish aquariums. I have a personal soft spot for Rainbows (I had a family of Boesmanis), and these two aquariums are just incredible. These must be very happy fish! It looks like the aquarium owner has chosen mostly low light, low maintenance plants. Seems like a good decision for a tank as big as the first one, since trimming that with lots of stem plants would take hours. Note the mesh over the top of the aquarium: Rainbows have a tendency to jump, so if you keep them, make sure you have something to stop them from jumping to their deaths!


  1. Fantastic! I guess with a high-light setup they'd need to use a glass top instead of that mesh to prevent CO2 out-gassing. That would nix the cool growth extending out the top of that large tank.

    I'd shield those lights, tho. Can you imagine watching a movie on the couch with those lights raging over you? ;)

  2. That is such a cool Aquarium Design I wonder how long it took to put all that together.

  3. I know it is disappointing to wait too long before you can start putting fish into your saltwater aquarium, but you wouldn’t want to risk losing them.aquarium installation new york

  4. What a great video! I am thinking about adding rainbows to my tropical aquarium,, so this is good information, particularly the tip about covering the tank! Thanks!


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